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Ego is a uninvestigated idea that one believes oneself to be, which is ultimately a fraud. The idea we have of ourselves changes over time, but the one that is aware of the ever changing idea DOES NOT! The ego belief has many layers. If you were to ask someone "who are you?" they would most likely reply with their name, gender, religion, nationality, age, status, or occupation. None of these answers have anything to do with the question. The question is pointing one to the very source of our being. This is why the personal ego has of a lot of problems with this question because this very question will uncover the ego, which is a fraudulent idea of oneself. The impersonal one aware of the ego is our true Self. If we were our ego, we wouldn't be able to observe ourselves from an outside perspective.

The 9 Observable Layers Of The Ego

1. Attention comes and goes we stay.
2. Body comes and goes we stay.
3. Thoughts comes and goes we stay.
4. Status comes and goes we stay.
5. Age and time is observed by Awareness, but Awareness is ageless because awareness has no beginning, nor end and is always eternally now.
6. Gender of our body is observed by Awareness, which has no gender.

7. Nationality is observed by Awareness, which has no nationality.
8. Religion is observed by Awareness, which has no religion.
9. Occupation is observed by Awareness, which has no occupation.

In order to know thyself one must drop all layers of the ego and see what cannot be dropped. Whatever is left is your Self.