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About The E-book:

The lucid living experience is an e-booklet about the nature of who and what we truly are by looking at the direct source of our experience and what is without mental commentary about what is. This is a great book if you're looking to inquire into the nature of consciousness, awakening to who and what you truly are, and maximizing your infinite potential. 

No more will you have to walk around aimlessly trying to understand who and what you are. No more will you have to deal with mental anchors that are holding you back from your true infinite potential. No more will you have to carry the burden of the past, nor the worries of the future. See the truth hidden in plain sight in the eternal here and now right in front of our eyes. Spiritual awakening is just one click away.

This e-book will be the easiest, yet extremely powerful mind blowing, potential maximizing 14 page e-book you'll ever read! I guarantee it!

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About The E-book:

Are you tired of not meeting your potential? Do you want to earn more money and at the same time be able to live a spiritual peaceful balanced life? Would you like to learn how to earn passive income to cover your expenses with little to no investment? Then this is the right e-booklet for you! Becoming financially free is a spiritual process. Learn to master the A.P.V.A. method to manifest the life of your dreams and experience what being successful is all about!

The A.P.V.A. Method stands for, Awareness, Perception, Vibration, Action Method. Expanded Self-AWARENESS leads to a revolutionized PERCEPTION, which leads to a new VIBRATIONAL feeling, which leads to new ACTIONS, which leads to a new reality. In this book we will be covering each one of these steps in 4 easy to read straight forward chapters.

If you don't like to read this is the e-book for you. The e-book is 4 chapters and only 14 pages long, but just like all things it's not about the quantity of information, but the quality  of the life changing information being presented. Buy our new e-book now and start experiencing spirituality in business that brings you RESULTS!

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Available On Amazon Kindle For Only $9.99

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The Law Of Attraction

Exclusive Video Package!

Are having trouble manifesting the life that you want? Are you tired of trying all types of law of attraction methods, and reading all kinds of law of attraction books to no avail? Would you like to go from a 50/50% chance success rate to 100% success rate? Then this is the perfect exclusive video package for you! We are determined to help you succeed, and we will help you succeed if you let us because success is our only option. We here at The Lucid Living Experience know that the best way to become successful is to help others succeed too.

In this exclusive video package we will be breaking down the ins and outs of the law of attraction for to show you how you can begin manifesting your dreams into reality immediately with no delay. There is a lot more to the law of attraction than meets the eye. I guarantee that by the time you're finished watching and implementing the powerful information in this exclusive video package you'll be a manifesting machine!

Here we will break down the many other universal principles that work together with the law of attraction, which are the missing links in many other teachings that talk about the law of attraction. Once you have the proper mental, emotional, and spiritual tools needed to become a master of the law of attraction you can begin immediately attracting your dreams into reality. Take advantage of the exclusive video package now. Time is of the essence! Don't waste any time! Order now and get the results you deserve!

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