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Weather Manipulation Magick

The universe is a mental perception inside us the conscious observer. We can change the weather by feeling ourselves as it because we are energetically, and vibrationally interconnected with it. This technique is very easy, and useful in extreme weather conditions. It can also be used to fix problems such as global warming etc. Here we will guide you on how to change the weather through the combination of power of your mind, and heart. As always you must believe this is possible, and that you can do it with 100% conviction otherwise this will not work.

Weather Manipulation Method

Step 1 - Relax completely until you feel your connection with the weather and universe inside of you.

Step 2 - Visualize, focus on, feel the weather you'd like to experience, and feel the assumed feeling of the weather being the way want is if it is already the way you want it to be now.

Step 3 - Feel, and expect it to will manifest instantly.

Step 4 - Send this vibrational prayer by surrendering to the consciousness that we are to make it happen through your mind, heart, and body, which is the universe.