Village Of Awareness Project

Imagine a place you can call home. Imagine a place with no personas, no egos, no masks, no stories, no beliefs, no concepts, no labels, no desires, no past, and no future, no time, just our one universal consciousness expressing itself freely in the present moment through all of us. This place is a home for awakened ones who want to retreat, or move away from the chaotic matrix. There is a growing number of spiritually awakened interdependent human beings in the west who need a place like this to call home. If this kind of place resonates with your heart's highest desire then let's work together, and manifest it. Real change comes not from fixing the old, but from building the new.


The idea is to grow our own 100% natural NON-GMO organic produce. No genetically modified organisms, no toxic chemicals, no hidden ingredients, no problems. All cleaning, and hygiene products will also be 100% natural, safe, and organic. We are natural beings, and natural beings need natural things. We are nature. Let's keep it natural! 

Housing Design Ideas Within The Village Of Awareness

Internal Housing Design Ideas

Free Self Sufficient Eco Friendly Energy Generators