The Lucid Living Experience

Awaken Inner Peace, Tranquility, & Infinite Potential

1. The Principle Of Universal Consciousness

"I AM" is consciousness because being conscious is not our decision and is our first experience. When observed through self inquiry, we find that consciousness has no beginning, nor end, color, shape, form, age, gender, status, or any content about it because consciousness is not an object of experience, neither is it the subject of experience because both the object and the subject are observable by this unseen presence. The "I AM" that is me is the same "I AM" that is you. "I AM" is the presence of being aware, and awareness is universal in nature.

2. The Principle Of Divine Oneness

We are all physically connected to our environment. In fact it is impossible for anybody to exist independent of the environment they're in because we all depend on our environment for our bodies survival; therefore, what we call a human being is the environment, and the environment itself is the whole universe. We are living inside ourselves. Separation is illusion.

3. The Principle Of Mentalism (The Mind Matrix)

If you believe the universe is a physical place try to find evidence of its physicality outside your mind. You'll come to realize that there is no way to prove if the universe we are experiencing is a physical place because every experience we have is a perception in the mind of "I AM" consciousness. The body and brain are also appearances in the mind. Dreams are also a perception in the mind of "I AM" consciousness.

Both the dream world and the real world appear as a mental perception experienced through our 5 senses that are being perceived by our mind. Since both worlds appear as a perception in mind how can you tell the difference between the dream world and the real world? The answer is simply you can't! Look from direct observation of who and what you really are and realize that the universe you thought is physical is actually a mental experience not a physical one.

4. The Principle Of Correspondence (Holographic Principle)

What is above is down below. What is below is up above. What is experienced within is what is experienced with out. What is experienced with out is what is experienced within.

5. The Principle Of The Eternal Now

Time is now. NOW is not really a time because NOW is timeless. Observe what is and see for yourself how all experiences always occur in the now. Observe all events in your life and see how all events occur in the NOW, are remembered in the NOW, and all mental projections of the future are also seen from NOW. The past, present, and future are only thoughts in the mind and when they are perceived they are perceived in the NOW. Nothing escapes the NOW because NOW is all that exists.

6. The Principle Of Vibration

Nothing is stationary. Everything vibrates. The universe is an ocean of energetic vibrational frequencies of consciousness.

7. The Principle Of Karma (Action)

What goes around comes back around. What vibrates in one part of the ocean affects the whole ocean, and will return back to its owner. The all is an interconnected field like web of consciousness. The frequency we put out is the frequency we will get back, or in other words what we do to others will return onto us. 

8. The Principle Of Cause & Effect

Every cause has an effect, and ever effect has a cause. Since "I AM" consciousness is the fabric and structure of existence itself means that the cause of every effect is consciousness, which is not an object, or thing that can be observed.

9. Infinite Parallel Realities

All experiences are experienced as a mental perception in the mind of "I AM" consciousness here now. HERE is not a place because HERE is everywhere and nowhere and NOW is timeless. This means that all possible experiences are at a place called HERE and at a time called NOW, which means that all potential experiences are accessible from the HERE and NOW because HERE NOW is all that exists. The HERE and NOW contains all infinite parallel realities.

10. The Principle Of Gender

Gender is in every living thing. All living things have both masculine, and feminine energies. Gender manifests on all planes. Mental Gender is the state of coexistence between masculine, and feminine energies. Our left brain hemisphere largely facilitates the masculine aspects of the mind, or intellect (logic, analytical, and linear thought processes), while the right brain hemisphere largely facilitates the feminine aspects, or intuition (creative, compassion, and holistic thought processes). Gender is found in humans, animals, plants and also everywhere in nature.

11. The Principle Of Rhythm

Everything crashes, ebbs, or flows. All things rise, and fall. The measure of the pendulum swing to the left is equal to the measure of the pendulum swing to right. Rhythm compensates.

12. The Principle Of Polarity

Inside implies outside. Outside implies inside. Up implies down. Down implies up. Right implies left. Left implies right. Life implies death. Death implies life. Yin implies yang. Yang implies yin. Alpha implies omega. Omega implies Alpha. Positive implies negative. Negative implies positive. Polarities may seem dual at first, but when we take a closer look we see they are really non dual in nature. No matter how different the polar sides of a magnet are from one another they still form one magnet.

13. The Principle Of Immortality

"I AM" consciousness doesn't come, nor go and "I AM" consciousness has no beginning, nor end. Only what has a beginning can have an end. "I AM" consciousness is life and life is immortal.

14. The Principle Of Gratitude

The more grateful we are for what we have, and for what we are yet to receive the more we get back. The frequency of gratitude attracts to us more things to be grateful for.

15. The Principle Of Focus

What "I AM" consciousness focuses on expands. Where focus goes energy of consciousness flows expanding what we are focusing on.

16. The Principle Of Physical & Spiritual Evolution

All species have a choice to evolve when faced with a life, or death situation, or a situation which forces them to surrender to what is happening now, outside the story of they think is happening now. The species can choose to either evolve, suffer, or even face extinction. Most species choose to evolve, and this evolution process happens at the last moment when the species is pushed to it's limits of its physical, mental, and emotional, survival. Challenging situations, and life, or death situations are catalysts for growth, and both physical, and spiritual evolution.

17. The Principle Of Limitless Potential

"I AM" consciousness transcends the body, heart, and mind because the body, heart, and mind appear as a mental perception in "I AM" consciousness. The universe is also perceived as a mental perception in consciousness. "I AM" consciousness being the fabric and structure of existence itself has the limitless potential to manifest anything it wants because it is not bound the limitations of the body, heart, and mind.

18. The Principle Of What You Resist Persists

What we resist will persist. If we wish to stop the persistence of what we do not want we need to let go of our resistance to it. The more we resist the more the problem will persist. Let it go.