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The Symbolic Meaning Of The YHVH Code | Vortex Math

The great name of God YHVH, pronounced with the vowels "AEIOUY" is sung in a circular motion  as "AEIOUY", which frequency equals 432 Hz, which is the harmonic energetic vibrational frequency of "I AM" Consciousness. The Numerology of 432 Hz is: 4+3+2=9, which is the Tesla code vortex math 3,6,9. The 4 letter word means tetragrammaton, which is derived from the two Greek words: "tetra" meaning four, and "grammaton" meaning letters that describes the map of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical worlds inside of "I AM" Consciousness.

The Great Name Of God YHVH Is Only Half The Name!

The great name of God YHVH also has a mirror polar opposite, which when combined together completes the name "YHVHYHVH". The first YHVH letters are symbolic for Vast Awakened "I AM" universal consciousness, and the last YHVH letters are symbolic for small egocentric consciousness. This symbolizes our experience of being a personal human being, and our experience of being an aware impersonal universal being, and both are what constitutes the Self as symbolized in the name YHVHYHVH. Each 4 letters of YHVH in numerology adds up to 72 (7+2=9 Tesla Code). When both polar opposites are combined as one as "YHVHYHVH" they add up to 144 in numerology (1+4+4=9 Tesla Code). If we take 144, and form it into an even shape with equivalent sides we'll have a shape of a 64 Tetrahedron grid with 144 faces (see diagram below).

What Was Inside The Ark Of The Covenant?

The object inside the Arc Of The Covenant was a physical symbolic manifestation made out of sapphire symbolizing our inner 64 Tetrahedron grid of our mental, emotional, and physical vortex pattern of our being. The object was carved precisely to a fraction of an inch out of sapphire. Sapphire was used because it symbolizes the Sephiroths (Hebrew word for countings), or Sephira (Hebrew word for counting). Because of it's sacred geometric shape the object world radiate the frequency of the cosmos, which would spiritually awaken all who were around it to their inner "I AM" Consciousness.

It was also used by Moses as a gravity capacitor to bend time and space through "I AM" consciousness to manifest the 10 plagues of Egypt, the splitting of the sea, and in the miracles he did in the dessert; however, ‫because the object cannot ever be precisely cut to the finest point, the power of the object which resembles the manifestation of consciousness is limited. The power of the source of what we are as "I AM" consciousness is unlimited because our spiritual, mental emotional, and physical vortex grids are precise, and with it we can bend time and space. This vortex grid can be activated through merkaba (light body ascension vehicle) activation.


Y) (Yod) Atziluth "The World Of Emanations" (Tesla Code: 9) - The upper most dimensionless state of mind, symbolizes the world of Infinite Formless God Source Consciousness Awareness, which is known as the seat of the throne at the center of your being of the cosmic all. It is the real infinite formless God Source consciousness you, that is no thing, all things, the creator, and container of all things inside of itself.

H) (Hay) Briyah "The World Of Creations" (Tesla Code: 6) - The mental psyche, which is made up of, created by, and contained within Infinite Formless God Source Consciousness. The imagineering architect of all things.

V) (Vav) Yetzirah "The World Of Formations" (Tesla Code: 3) - The emotional (E+Motion = Energy In Motion) mind, which is energy, and force, of all imagined ideas, and manifests them in the intelligent field of infinite possibilities.

H) (Hay) Malkuth "The World Of Actions" (Tesla Codes: 1,2,4,5,7,8) - The apparent external mirror world of the above dimensional states of mind, which all are made of, created by, and contained within Infinite Formless God Source Consciousness.

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