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What Is The Universal Mind?

Observe your memories and see how far back you can remember. Most of us can remember as far as approximately the age of 3. Prior to that we had no thoughts because we had no memories. Thought then must be memory. Memory is past. The past has passed; therefore, the mind is an illusion. The mind being an instrument that can recall the past, and imagine by combining past thoughts together cannot solve any problems of the present, because the mind only knows the past. When we use our mind to solve present problems we only keep repeating the past mistakes over, and again, which explains why history repeats itself. To solve a problem in the present, we need to stop thinking, observe, and let our mind absorb new information, in order to have something new to think about. This is why it said that real thinkers don’t think.

The mind when identified with, being a tool of memory, imagination, and conditioning of the past, sees the world through a distorted veil of thoughts. Thoughts can be very persuasive in convincing us that our conditioned beliefs about how we experience reality is reality, but thoughts are not reality. For example: we have been conditioned to call a object known as a chair to be nothing more then a chair. A chair isn’t only a chair. It is what you do with it. The chair is not separate from the environment, and neither is the chair separate from you. The chair appears inside of you the conscious knowing field of awareness, and is made out of the same substance as you known as “vibrating consciousness”. By removing all definitions, and concepts from our mind, and by making the mind silent by remaining as the still passive witness awareness, we begin to see all as limitless potential, and limitless possibilities in everyone, and everything especially ourselves. The chair itself isn’t actually separated from the environment, but when we look at the chair through the veil of thoughts, we see an apparent separate object. This is the mind illusion known as Maya. Maya is the veil of thoughts, which blind us from seeing who, and what we really are, and what reality truly is. In order to see clearly one must strip themselves of the veil of thoughts by being still inside as the unmoving, boundless, formless, timeless conscious knowing awareness. When the body is calm, and the mind is still, the spirit awakens, and the veil is lifted.

What is memory? Memory is consciousness recalling parallel realities it has experienced from this particular viewpoint in the here, and now. The memories themselves are stored in the invisible Akasha consciousness energy field, or better known as the “Akashic Records”, which we are all apart of. All our memories, thoughts, and imagined ideas of everyone now, everyone who has ever lived, and will ever live exist here now in the Akasha. The Akashic Records is therefore the GREAT GRAND LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSE, and we call access it from where we are by internally asking a question, letting it go, and keeping our attention fully focused on the here, and now. When the information is transmitted back to us it will feel like a download of information, or zip file has just entered our brain waiting for us to unpack it.

What is imagination? Imagination is our ability to take our memories, and fuse them together with other memories to form an apparent new thought. This is where our creativity lies. Imagination is a great tool we can use for maximizing our creativity, and innovative skills. The potential of our imagination when combined with observation of new information about us, and our environment is virtually limitless.

What is observation? Observation is our ability to consciously record new information about ourselves, and our experience of reality, which on the surface seem to be two separate things, but are essentially one. Observation is where true learning, and understanding takes place. It is through naked observation that we are able to take in new information, and grow. To become a master thinker, one must learn to silence the mind, observe the observer, and the observed. It is here where true knowledge, and wisdom is truly awakened. Internal silence is key. Simply keep your attention focused on what is happening here now. This is the only practice.

What is attention? Attention is probably our most powerful undermined tool because whatever we give our attention to we render as our experience. Attention is when you Awareness focus your light of knowing on a particular area similar to a spot light. Attention itself is made out of awareness, but awareness is not attention because we are aware of our spot light attention as well as our flood light attention of our surroundings, and we are also aware of seemingly loosing our attention, which means the one that is aware has to always be timelessly unmoving in the here, and now in order to report about it. You Awareness have the free will to decide what to give your attention to, how much of your attention you give others, thoughts, emotions, sensations, and things, and you have the free will to let your attention relax, and marinate back in its source, in you the Awareness. Mastering the power of attention is the master key of the sages.

What is logic? Logic is our ability to analyze, and draw conclusions based on our analyzation from the left side hemisphere of our brain; however, our common sense, which is our natural form of logic can be distorted when we believe our thoughts into existence. It is for this reason why we do not suggest that you depend entirely on your logical mind. Not everything in reality is logical in the ordinary sense of the word. The clearest form of logic comes from deep observation.

What is creativity? Creativity is our hidden potential awakened when we follow our bliss. Our creativity stems from our right brain hemisphere when we follow our heart. The creativity itself is generated out of the highest level of love from the heart. It is fully awakened when we follow what excites us, and what makes us passionate.a