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What Is The Universal Heart?

Observe your heart here and now and realize how we are able to feel each others vibrations in each others heart. This is the universal heart and this heart is an emotional generator, and receiver. The heart generates emotions, which is vibrating energy of consciousness in motion vibrating at different frequencies. Our channeled emotions create a glitch in the unified field of consciousness, which we call reality, attracting to us the emotional frequency we put out, creating manifested change in our reality; however, when we identify with our body mind we begin to send out a distorted frequency, which the universe in turn mirrors back to us a distorted version of reality. Our heart, which isn't bound by mental space, and time has the ability to pick up frequencies of the past, present, and future in the here and now of any particular thing, being, or decision. It is for this reason why it would be wise to let all our decisions come from our heart. The ability to see frequencies with our heart is what is known as the power of intuition.

The intuitive heart is a very powerful tool indeed, and can be very useful in guiding you to whatever it is your heart desires. Our intuition will lead us to our bliss. The meaning of bliss is perfect happiness, and total joy. Most human beings make the mistake of trying to find happiness with the mind, but the mind doesn't know the feeling of bliss, it only imagines it does. This is why human beings who follow their mind are typically lost, confused, and feel very empty inside. Ego minded people set goals that lead to superficial happiness, which seems promising at first, but never seem to fill the void. The only way to find true fulfillment is to follow our bliss.

How do we follow our bliss? To follow our bliss we need to follow what excites us. Find what excites you most. If you do not know what excites you, go out and try new things. Once you find something you are passionate about, turn that passion into prosperity by using your passion to offer value to humanity. Our passions are what brings us true fulfillment, and bliss. Your heart may lead you down a difficult road, but it will not lead you astray. The mind will keep you secure in your own mental prison, while the heart will help you stretch beyond your limitations to your highest bliss. Think less, and feel more.