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What Is The Universal Body?

The power, and potential of the human body stretches far beyond our imagination. The body is a vortex of energy of consciousness in motion spinning around the space like presence of awareness, which is the very life force, and substance of the human body. The human body is interconnected with the environment, which is the universe. The human body being one with the universe is a mirror reflection of the whole, as well as our internal state. From my observation I feel it is safe to say that what we call the physical environment shapes us, and we shape our environment. In the same way that cells on pastry dish give and absorb everything to and from their environment, we too give and absorb everything to and from our environment. This is why it is very important to pick a healthy environment to live, and work in. There are several different, but interrelated types of environments we can observe. We have the natural environment, our work environment, our social environment, and our technological environment. Our natural environment is the ecosystem in which we live in, our work environment is the are we work in and the people we work with, our social environment are the people we surround ourselves with, and our technological environment is the people, technologies and media we involve ourselves in. All these environments we expose ourselves to have a direct effect on our heart, body, and mind.

The more we stay in high vibrational environments the more our frequency increases amplifying our experience of life. We need to become wary of where we live, where we work, our career choices, what we read, what we listen to, what we watch, the technology we use, the food that we consume, and the activities that we do if we wish to live at our highest possible potential. Everything we are, and everything around us is consciousness, energy, vibrating, frequency. Surround yourself in places and around people who make you feel good, watch and listen to things that make you feel blissful, use technology that supports your well being, eat high vibrational foods that energize you, get enough sleep, take naps, take breaks, exercise daily, and follow your bliss when making a career choice. All this adds up to your physical well being. Remember that how you are on the spiritual, mental, and emotional level will reflect your physical health, and appearance, and vice versa. By increasing the frequency of the human body, we not only increase our bodies potential, but we also increase our heart and mind ability to function at their highest possible potential, which is virtually limitless due to our ability to go beyond our genetic coding.

Epigenetics is the study of how consciousness uses the heart mind to transcend the genetic limitations of the body, and even go as far as turning on, and off genetic code. This means that we have the ability and potential to evolve our heart, body, and mind several times within a single life time. Through epigenetics it is even possible to heal the body of incurable illnesses, cancers, and even transcend the death of the physical body. We can rise above our genes through our level of self awareness, eating healthy, exercise, transcending the mental limitations of mind through self inquiry, by feeling good in a healthy organic way, and by letting go of our belief in aging, and physical death. This is where true self transformation begins.