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What Are Twin Flames?

Twin flames are two people who have the same vortex energy signature who meet and fall madly in love with one another and feel a connection to each other beyond the concept of oneness. When twin flames meet they feel they are meeting their own mirror reflection in another body. This meeting is designed to help wake us up to who we are further, and to multiply our happiness spending the rest of our life with someone we are 100% compatible with.

A feeling like you've already known this person may arise even though you know you have never met this person before, and you may feel like you're just catching up instead meeting for the first time. The purpose of twin flames is to reunite through law of attraction and be a mirror to their spouse so together they can deepen their awakening to who and what we are as "I AM" consciousness here now.

How To Attract Your Twin Flame Method!

The method to attract your twin flame is THE NO METHOD METHOD. There is no method we can do with our body mind to bring our twin flame to us because the entire process happens by "I AM" consciousness through our body, heart, and mind NOT by the body, heart, and mind.

Step 1 of 1.

Know yourself to be yourself. Being yourself takes no effort, but to be something you're not takes effort. This discovery you can only make when you know yourself. When we are being ourselves in the state of surrender we are sending out our natural frequency.

Our frequency from our natural effortless state of being in a surrendered state will automatically put the law of attraction into action attracting to us our twin flame without any effort by our body, heart, and mind. This is an effortless method of being self aware and relaxing all effort through surrender to "I AM" consciousness to bring our twin flame to us.

Keep note that before you can meet your twin flame your old life may, or may not begin to collapse to prepare you for your twin flame relationship. Toxic relationships and may other things that might be standing in the way of you meeting your twin flame may begin to collapse. This may feel like your entire life is fall apart and it rightly feels so because it is.

Sometimes our old toxic life must fall apart to in order for our new harmonic life to come in. Being consciously aware of this change before hand makes it easier to handle if and when it occurs. Be yourself, surrender, and let "I AM" consciousness guide the way to your twin flame. Everything will be taken care of by "I AM" consciousness. Just trust the process, ride the wave and watch it unfold by itself.

Upon meeting our twin flame further shells of the ego will begin to dissolve over time since our twin flame will mirror ourselves to us so we can observe ourselves from a seemingly outside perspective. Once all the shells have fallen we will re-experience our original innocence before all these toxic people, and mental conditioning were getting in the way.

Once all our ego's shells have fallen away we can now live happily ever after with our twin flame in peace, unconditional love, and tranquility experiencing our infinite potential together as one unstoppable and powerful unit. Being with our awakened twin flame will also awaken a mastermind manifestation connection between your twin flame and yourself, and will make your manifestations virtually instantaneously.