The Secret To Self-Confidence

To succeed in anything in life requires you to have a certain level of confidence. You can never have enough confidence. Confidences helps you with law of attraction, relationships, dating, business, handling confrontations, obtaining a job, making sales, and in many other aspects of life. It is imperative that you learn to become confident in yourself in order to improve your life. Here we will guide you on how to reprogram your mind, and on how to take the necessary action needed to become confident. Rome wasn't built in a day so keep in mind this will take some time, and practice for you to begin to see results. This is a program designed for your self-transformation into a better more confident person.

Four Steps To Becoming Confident

1) Reprogramming The Subconscious

The language of the subconscious mind is symbols, and feelings. Our mind thinks in images rather then words, and associates certain images with sensations we have experienced to create for us a picture of reality. On the "Reprogramming Mind" page use the methods listed to program feelings such as "I AM WORTHY, I CAN, I AM ATTRACTIVE,  I AM CONFIDENT, I AM LOVED, PEOPLE ARE ATTRACTED TO ME, ETC." into your subconscious mind.

2) Reprogramming A New Self Image

The next step is reprogramming a new self image of yourself. Sit in meditation, and imagineer a new best version image of yourself in great vivd detail. Once you have the image in your mind feel yourself as that new image. Replace your old perception of yourself with this new self image until your new self image sticks. When it sticks you'll feel it, and become it.

3) Love, & Accept Yourself

Look at all your positive aspects of yourself. Add those positive aspects to your confidence! See the negative aspects as things you need to improve. Love, and accept yourself as perfectly imperfect. You're a person who is improving, and progressing to become your very best version of yourself.

4) Take Action!

Action is a must! To build your confidence go out in social places, and talk to people who aren't so attractive to you, and begin to make conversation. Since they aren't so attractive it will be easier for you to talk, and ask questions. Always be yourself. If you act like someone your not the person you're speaking with might just be looking for who you are, and because you may be acting like someone else you may blow your chances to meet someone who will like you for you. Pay attention to body language, and see if the person is interested in you. Remember you don't like every person you meet so not everyone will like you, and that is okay. If some people don't like you it simply means you're not their type. There is nothing wrong with you. You're just not a vibrational match to them.

If things move well get their number even if they aren't someone you necessarily want to keep contact with. Just get into the flow, and momentum of socializing, and getting phone numbers. Make eye contact when speaking, and when being spoken to. Ask questions about them to show interest. You should only talk about yourself when asked questions about yourself. Eye contact shows you're interested, and it also shows you have their undivided attention. Refrain from looking at your cell phone. Stand straight, keep your head up, and hands by your side. Have fun with this! You're improving yourself after all.

Avoid thinking about the future in a negative way. Feel it already worked out prior to approaching someone. Stay in the now. When talking to less attractive people becomes easy move up to a little more attractive people, and when that gets easy keep moving up. Before you know it you'll be talking to models with total confidence. Don't worry about how people look at you, or judge you. You are who you are, and if they don't like it that is their problem not yours. They're probably not for you anyway. So always be yourself with pride, and confidence!