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What Is The Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is when one has undergone a parallel reality shift whether consciously, or unconsciously and is experiencing a totally different reality from the one they remember. This leads one to feel that their memories are distorted due to change in realities. For example, you might remember seeing a corner store that you used to always go to in your neighborhood, but upon arriving to the same location you see a totally different store, and when you try to ask about the disappearance of the corner store you remember only a few can seem to recall its presence ever being there even though the owner of the current corner store in this parallel reality claims it never existed and they had this store here all along.  You may also remember a book titled in a certain way and in this reality it has a totally different title with no title change on ever placed on record. These are examples of the mandela effect, and are massive clues that you have shifted into a new parallel reality.