What Is The Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is when one has a memory from a parallel reality in this reality. These memories are real, and have happened; they just haven't happened in this reality. The existence of parallel realities is very real. Energy particles constantly switch from particle form into a wave of limitless possibilities, which means not only that anything that can happen will happen, but also that anything that can happen already exist in the form of infinite, and limitless parallel reality. Parallel realities constantly interact with each other, and so as a result it is possible for one to receive memories from another parallel reality where they have done, or experienced something that they never experienced in this reality.

There is a method where you can gain experiences, and memories from another parallel reality without actually physically going through that experience. This is where interdimensional astral travel comes in handy. To learn more on how to astral travel visit the Interdimensional Travel Page.