The Lucid Living Experience

Awaken Inner Peace, Tranquility, & Infinite Potential

What Is The Lucid State?

The lucid state is the flow state plus knowing thyself. Some of you may have already heard of the flow state, but this is not the same as the lucid state. The lucid state is when we are fully aware that we are "I AM" consciousness and that reality is a mental projection appearing on the screen of consciousness, whilst at the same time keeping our attention fully on what is happening now without commentary from our mind. 

In the lucid state of absolute being and knowing here now we awaken our limitless potential simply because limitations only exist in our mind, but as you may already know we are not our bodies, nor our mind. We are the witness of our body mind, which means the "I AM" consciousness that we are is not bound by those limitations the very moment we stop identifying with our body mind. The true Self that we are is limitless.

The place where we are right now is the key to liberation from suffering, awakening our limitless potential, peace, bliss, tranquility, egoless universal power, effortless manifestation, effortless action, crystal clear clarity, spiritual wisdom, universal awareness, and spiritual fulfillment.

There is no journey where we are standing HERE and NOW. HERE is everywhere and nowhere, and NOW is timeless. "I AM" is already here now and always here now because being here now is our first experience. Even distractions are observed when they occur in the now.

All apparent past events when they happened they occured in the HERE NOW, and when all apparent future events will happen they will occur in the HERE NOW. Nothing escapes the HERE NOW. The HERE NOW is the real true eternal universal time, and true universal place. "I AM" is timeless and placeless in the HERE and NOW and we are it.

This means that all possibilities exist HERE (everywhere and nowhere) and NOW (timeless eternal present moment), and when one becomes lucid all possibilities are accessible from the HERE NOW because HERE NOW is all that truly exists. This is why we as "I AM" consciousness are able to shift to any parallel reality of limitless possibilities from anywhere we are in the HERE and NOW.

The Power Of Surrendering To The NOW!

All manifestation happens by "I AM" consciousness through the body, heart, and mind NOT by the body, heart, and mind; therefore, when we want something to manifest we need to surrender to "I AM" consciousness to bring it to us; however, we don't want to be affected by the limitations of the body mind so it is important to bring our attention from the body mind into the true reality of the HERE and NOW.

As we enjoy the peace of surrendering to the HERE and NOW "I AM" consciousness begins to work behind the scenes manifesting everything our body mind needs and even experiences we may desire to have. Our true limitless potential lies in keeping our attention on what is real, which is what is happening HERE and NOW without commentary from our mind about whatever it is we are perceiving.

This may take some practice simply because our mind has been conditioned to focus on time in a linear way, which is only a concept in the mind. This conditioning will gradually fall away the more we keep our attention focused on what is instead of what happened, or what may happen.

Remember that the past is no longer here as an active experience. The past is only a thought in our mind.  The past is actually being created from this very moment HERE and NOW, and the future doesn't really exist outside our mind because it hasn't happened yet. There is nothing outside the HERE and NOW. The key is to understand from our own self observation that from HERE and NOW we are creating the present moment, the past, and the future and it all creation always begins HERE and NOW.

3 Easy Steps To Awakening The Lucid State!

1. Keep your attention present in all that you are doing.

For Example:  If your washing dishes, make each dish a end result in of itself. Right now you're only washing this dish, and nothing else. Be fully with the washing like a dance. Suddenly you'll realize that a simple thing like washing dishes becomes enjoyable, and effortless.

2. If you're stuck in a situation where there is nothing you can do about it, or nothing you can't do about it, let it go, and watch what happens.

For Example: If you're stuck in traffic, and there is no other way for you to get to your destination, you must be there on time, but you can't make it on time, let it go. No amount of stress, or anxiety will solve your problem. Accept the present moment for what it is, and watch what happens. You'll relinquish a lot of unnecessary suffering.

3. If you got nothing to do surrender by non-doing, and non-thinking.

For Example: If you have finished all your work, and errands for the time being, or for the day, give your mind rest by simply being aware of being aware. If thoughts come let them, but give them no attention. The mind will quiet itself, and you will awaken to the peace, bliss, tranquility, limitless potential, universal consciousness, spiritual wisdom, clarity, universal egoless power, effortless action, and effortless manifestation of the present moment.