The 9 Principles Of The Law Of Creation

Principle #1: The universe will always say YES to whatever feeling vibrational frequency you're projecting because you're interconnected, and one with it. You are an aperture through which the universe becomes conscious of itself from within itself. You're it; therefore, the universe will always mirror to you what you are feeling in your internal state. In other words the universe is a automatic feedback system that mirrors to universal consciousnesses inner emitting feeling frequencies it projects into itself because we are all interconnected, and one with it. If you feel lack, you'll create the illusion of lack. If you feel abundant, you'll create abundance. If you feel you're only worthy if you suffer for what you want then that will become your reality. In other words, you choose. We are all universal consciousness interdependent human beings. A single consciousness pretending to be many just like in a dream. So to summarize this principle in a single sentence: what you feel is what you get.

Principle #2: Time is always now. The now has no beginning, nor end. The past, and future don't exist now, but when the past happened it was now, and when the future happens it will be now. Both the past, and future are created from now, but do not actually exist independent of themselves outside of now. The now is always flowing, yet it is always still. You cannot catch it, but at the same time it is always here. Real time essentially is the continuous flow of patterns of vibrating energy that responds to the frequency you're emitting through your feelings in the present moment we call here, and now. The now is all that exists, and all we will ever have; therefore, you can only project that what you need, or want is already here now, or in a recent former now. By being present in the now you also awaken 100% of your limitless potential because your limiting beliefs can no longer effect you if you're not thinking. This is called the flow state, or zone state of being. All the energy of the universe harmoniously flows in, and through you, and becomes available to you at your disposal. This is the power of now.

Principle #3: Surrender is key. Surrender means to give away all your power, and control to the universe, and trust your universal self to take care of manifesting what you want need, or want now. Manifestation cannot come from the feeling of lack. It can only come from the feeling of wholeness. Realize there is nothing lacking because you are all that is, was, and ever will be as universal consciousness. It seems almost paradoxical to say this but the principle is: the more you give it away, the more it comes to you just like your breath.

Principle #4: Giving opens the way to receiving. Give what you want to receive, even if you have a little. No one ever became poor by giving. In the way in which you give to others is the same way which the universe will give it to you. If you give conditionally, you'll receive conditionally. If you give unconditionally, you'll receive unconditionally. The receiving part comes when you least expect it. Any expectation of receiving is you getting in your own way. To not expect it is open the way to receiving, and to awaken this attitude learn to love, and trust all of your collective universal self.

Principle #5: If you can see it in your mind, you can bring it into your experience in your reality. Our imagination is real. What we see in our minds eye are infinite different configurations that universal consciousness can shape energy into form through the vibrational feeling frequencies that we feel in the present moment. In other words when we are imagining, we are looking at all possible infinite parallel realities, and if we feel that the reality in which we are imagining already exists, we then shift our conscious point of focus into another parallel reality without the apparent restrictions of time, and space. The possibilities are endless. We are interdimensional interdependent universal consciousness beings.

Principle #6: Gratitude is the attitude. Gratitude puts you in a good grateful positive mood, which begins to shift into other parallel realities where you have more things to be grateful for. Count your blessings. Realize you are the interconnected universe, and the infinite abundance of limitless possibilities of consciousness energetic configurations of forms you can make. You are love, and abundance. Abundance is who you are.

Principle #7: Where focus goes energy flows expanding what you're focusing on. Focus only on what you want, already being, or having what you want, and not on what you don't want, or simply focus on nothing at all besides whats in front of you right here, and now.

Principle #8: Thoughts fueled by emotions become things. Thought being a masculine energy, and emotion being a feminine energy manifests things when fuzed together in perfect harmony. Feel the assumed feeling that you are who you want to become, that you are where you want to be, and, or that you already have what you want to have, and it shall be so.

Principle #9: Since we don't exist as separate individuals apart from the rest of the universe means that we're universal consciousness, universal mind, universal heart, and the fabric and structure of existence itself. This means we as an interdependent human beings are each a microcosm of the macrocosm, which means that each one of us contains the information of the whole just like our DNA, which means if one changes all changes because we are all interlinked together. It also means that our inner world, and outer world are one. They are both two sides of the same coin, and because of that they will always reflect each other in a holographic fractal type of way. As above so below. As below so above. As within so with out. As with out so within. This is also known as the holographic principle.

Simple Yet Powerful Law Of Creation Method

Step 1 - Trust your universal self that everything you need, and everything you want will be delivered to you in love by your universal self without you having to interfere with the process. This is an act of faith in the totality of yourself, and it's a very powerful frequency.

Step 2 - Surrender your control to your universal self by letting your universal self take care of the manifestation process for you, just in the same way you surrender your control to the functioning of your organism to the cells of your body. Let it go, enjoy the process, and it will come effortlessly when you least expect it.

Step 3 - Be present by either being in a meditative absence of mind state, or fully engaged in whatever it is that you're doing in a state of wholeness by feeling that nothing is lacking now. This lets you flow with the divine abundant energy of the universe, and the universe will deliver everything you need, and want virtually instantaneously, but it will only do that the moment you stop thinking, and caring about it after you learned to trust it, and surrender your control to it. The best way to surrender, and let it go is to be fully present in total acceptance of what is happening in the here and now in absence of mind. Mind in this context meaning thoughts, or mindless chatter.

Notice: You cannot clear your thinking mind with the thinking mind by telling it not to think any thoughts. That doesn't work. You'll only stir it up more then ever, but you can stop resisting the thoughts of the mind, let your thinking mind do what it wants, and not give your thinking mind any attention, simply by listening to your thoughts as you would listen to natural sounds, just as you would sit, and listen to the sounds of the ocean waving. You can also let your mind clear itself by not focusing on any thought that comes in mind. Let it pass. The mind will calm itself. The mind is like water. If you leave it alone it will calm down all by itself. When you're present in absence of mind, your limiting beliefs no longer effect you because you're not thinking, and so your limitless potential awakens as you enter the flow state of The Powerful Now.

You see nature is a musical thing, and like music it isn't going anywhere, or trying to arrive at any particular place. It's purpose is of itself. We are one with nature, and so we are also a spontaneous act of it. Don't try to eliminate the journey by making the beginning point the same as the end point, because the journey in which it comes to you is what makes it all worth the candle. If you always got what you wanted instantaneously life would get really boring really fast. Trust your journey, surrender your control, be present, feel yourself as the abundant universal energy of consciousness of limitless possibilities, do your part, let the universe do the rest, enjoy the process, and results will come. Remember! The more you let go of trying to egotistically control everything, or gain power over someone, or something, the more egoless universal power, and control you awaken. That's the paradox of life.