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Freedom From Ego! End All Mental Suffering NOW!

The root cause of all mental suffering is our flawed belief about ourselves that we are separate independent individuals in the environment. This flawed belief of who and what we are is also known as ego. When we believe we are somebody, or something this is identification with ego and leads to suffering.

When we realize who we are through self inquiry that what we are is nobody, and not a thing this gives us freedom from ego and ends all suffering. There is no freedom for the ego. There is only freedom from the ego; therefore, the one starting the inquiry will not finish the inquiry, but will be finished by the inquiry.

The ego is a fantasy we created about ourselves, but the Self is not a thought, nor a fantasy, or a belief that comes and goes, or that could be changed. The Self that we call "I AM" is the eternal unmoving unchanging witness of all thoughts coming and going, and all changes occuring in the HERE and NOW.

The end of suffering begins when we observe what is the "I AM" that is eternally here and now. The more we observe all the comings and goings of all apparent things the underlying "no-thing" that it is perceiving it becomes evident. This space like presence is what we call "I AM" and since being conscious is our first experience, which doesn't come, nor go we can now see clearly that the "I AM" itself is consciousness.

"I AM" consciousness is not a thing, or an object that can be seen; therefore, the seer is no-thing, and nobody. Our whole life we are trying to become somebody, but when we come here to inquire about who and what we are we find we are nobody.

Being zero is where suffering ends. Only when you believe you are somebody can that idea of yourself suffer and feel pain, but when you realize you are nobody and everyone else you thought was a somebody is also a nobody who is the one suffering? Here we can see that the only one suffering is our mind, which is an instrument of thought memory, thought projections, and imagination. The key is to keep our attention focused on the subject not the object. When we realize there is no subject that can be seen in which all apparent objects appear we come to the realization that everything is no-thing. 

May I introduce you. This is our universal SELF. Anytime we are suffering we are identifying with something we are not. To end all mental suffering come home to the here and now where there is no mind because the mind is an instrument of thought, which is memories of the past, and have nothing to do with what is happening in the present moment. In the here now there is no suffering.

Only in the mind there is suffering, but we are not our mind; therefore, the ego is an illusion. We were never egocentric "I AM". We were always the universal impersonal "I AM". In the here now there is only the SELF "I AM", which we eternally are because in our experience is we never come, nor go, and what we are as "I AM" consciousness has no beginning, nor end. You're it! I AM = EVERYTHING = NO-THING = THE PRESENCE OF BEING AWARE = GOD. I AM = GOD!