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What Is The Detachment Effect?

The detachment effect is when an individual experiences total detachment from the body and mind as a person in an out of body experience type of way. This experience happens when "I AM" consciousness lets go of its identification with the body mind and gives us the impersonal experience of being aware of ourselves from a universal perspective.

When undergoing the detachment effect some of us may even experience seeing our bodies running on automatic conditioning without us doing a thing. This effect can happen during high states of lucidity, or it can also spontaneously happen of its own accord, which might be scary if one is unaware of who and what we really are and what is happening.

Unfortunately society sees the detachment effect as a dissociative disorder simply because they are unaware of who and what we really are. This is not a condition of the mind, nor is it a disorder, but rather it is an effect generated out of "I AM" consciousness to give us a glimpse of what it feels like to be universal consciousness.

If you are experiencing mild forms of the detachment effect and are feeling afraid the important thing to remember is to stay put and that this will pass. Your body will run automatically under the conditioning of your mind.  For those who have a severe case of the detachment effect when the effect does not go away simply relax, surrender, and remain as "I AM" consciousness. "I AM" consciousness will take care of your body mind for you if you surrender to it. 

It is important to note that personal egocentric consciousness is not our natural state because we the great "I AM" consciousness are universal in nature. People experiencing these states all the time, or more frequently than others are highly awakened beings and should be treated like so.

The best thing to do if you have a loved on who is experiencing the detachment effect is to be there for them in a surrendered state. "I AM" consciousness is burning all the illusions for that being, but it will not burn them. What will be left is that place of innocence that we feel we once lost.