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The 7 Chakra Energy Vortex Centers

#1 The Crown Chakra - The crown chakra is the upper most part of our chakra energy vortex system. It is from this chakra where consciousness is being transmitted through the body mind. This chakra remains balanced when one knows thyself as consciousness through direct clear sober self-observation as THAT aware presence, which is aware of our experience that we call "I AM".

# 2 The Third Eye Chakra - The third eye chakra is the chakra associated with the pineal gland. This chakra is our eye of insight that effortlessly interprets what we are perceiving through the 5 senses and the vibrations we feel in our heart. This chakra remains balanced through naked observation of what is without commentary from our mind.

#3 The Throat Chakra - The throat chakra is associated with speech. This chakra has to do with us speaking out how we truly feel at any current time. This chakra remains balanced when one speaks how they genuinely feel from the heart of consciousness versus the speaking from mental conditioning from their mind.

#4 The Heart Chakra - The heart chakra is associated with our emotional guidance system. This chakra helps us become aware of what is in harmony with our natural being and what is causing us disharmony. It is also an energy generator, and effortless vibrational communicator (telepathy). This chakra remains balanced when one is awakened and centered in consciousness in the here and now and when one lets go of any grudges, or things that might be clogging their emotional energy flow.

#5 The Solar Plexus Chakra -  The solar plexus chakra is associated our feelings of confidence, courage, and power. Ego is the leading cause of the clogging of this chakra. When one is awakened to who and what they really are their confidence, courage, and power increases from an impersonal space of truth, rather than a limited personal space of ego.

#6 The Sacral Chakra (The Dan Tien) - This chakra is associated with our desires and sexual energy. It is from this chakra that we receive our motivation, ambition, physical power, and physical energy to do things. This chakra remains balanced when one exercises regularly, eats healthy, and maintains a healthy sex life with someone they love unconditionally. 

#7 The Root Chakra - The root chakra is associated with the physical body. This chakra is our grounding connection to the universal environment around us. This chakra is responsible for our sense of safety and security. This chakra remains balanced when we are fully awakened to who and what we really are and lose our fear of death in the process. Once one has realized that what we are cannot die, their fear of living life fully will also dissolve. The best way to keep this chakra balanced is to always be in a state of surrender to what is happening now and know that what we really are is always taking care of us. When we are grounded in our aware being a true sense of safety and security is awakened. This chakra is bottom most part of our bodily chakra energy vortex system, and it is our very connection to experiencing this world in a physical way.