The Lucid Living Experience

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The butterfly effect is a phenomenon when one changes a sequence of events in the HERE and NOW, which change past, and future coming events. This phenomenon states that if you were to change even the slightest thing in your timeline your experience will be totally different now. This phenomenon seems to occur when one consciously, or unconsciously shifts into a new parallel reality. Since we as "I AM" consciousness have the ability to access every possibility from HERE NOW means we also have the ability to change timelines in the HERE NOW. So if you have attempted to mentally shift into a past, or future parallel reality in the HERE NOW as "I AM" consciousness and changed even the slightest thing in that timeline, came back to the HERE NOW, and as result are experiencing a totally new reality from the previous one you've encountered, you know you're undergoing the butterfly effect.

Reversing The Butterfly Effect

Some may experience difficulty returning to their original reality; however, a reversal is possible. In order to reverse back to your original reality you must change your channel (perception, and emotional vibration,) back to the channel you were on before. If you have forgotten the channel you were one due to being in the new channel for an extended period of time there is still a way to do the reversal. The master key is to fully surrender to "I AM" consciousness to bring forth the shift to make it happen, and only when surrender fully happens is when the reversal will be made. Let the grace of "I AM" consciousness manifest it for you and through your body, heart, and mind NOT by your body, heart, and mind. Remember that changing our vibrational channels are as easy as changing the channels on your television set. Intend with conviction, let go, and it shall be so.