The Lucid Living Experience

Awaken Inner Peace, Tranquility, & Infinite Potential

The 4 Universal Laws Of The Creation

Universal Law #1 THE ALL IS CONSCIOUSNESS - From our observation of our direct experience all manifestations appear in consciousness and are made up of consciousness, just as whatever appears on our screen is made up of the same substance as the screen. What we are looking at is made up of the same substance as where we are looking from. All we ever see is consciousness the great "I AM" nothing else.

The "I AM" consciousness that we are that witnesses all experiences coming and going is not a thing because when we try to find the content of consciousness to see what we are made of we find no-thing, no beginning, no end, no gender, no physical structure, no shape, no form, no color, or content except the eternal unmoving presence of "I AM", yet at the same time all apparent things appear within us the conscious "I AM" spirit; therefore, all apparent things are no-thing.

This is precisely why scientist are not able to find this "stuff" that we call matter. There is no such thing as actual physical matter. There is only vibrating consciousness and we are it. We know we are it because being conscious is our first effortless experience, which is something we cannot choose because we are it, and because we are it that makes it possible to bend the universe as ourselves.

Universal Law #2 THE MENTAL UNIVERSE - From our direct experience all we actually know about our experience of the universe is what we see in our mind. Every experience we have, had, and will have is an interpretation in our mind; therefore, from our experience the universe is mental. We are living in a mental world of perceptions. This is why if you change how you perceive something you change the thing.

Universal Law #3 THE ALL IS VIBRATING, CONSCIOUS, & INTELLIGENT ENERGY - Everything we experience is a consciousness taking shape and form due to different frequencies of vibration. Feelings of love, passion, inspiration, and joy increase our vibration to very high levels, which literally reshape our entire internal and external structure and appearance to healthy levels.

Feelings of fear, dismay, anger, and sadness lower our vibration, can make us sick, and even be fatal to the body mind. Since our bodies is one with the environment what we feel within about our surroundings with faith and conviction creates our surroundings. When we change how we vibrationally feel within we change our results with out.

Universal Law #4 MASSIVE ACTION & SURRENDER FOR MASSIVE RESULTS - In order for a bird to fly it must flap its wings. The bird already contains within itself the potential to fly, but if the bird doesn't take the right action flight just will not happen. So to we need to take massive amounts of action if we wish to get massive results in our lives. So many people leave this plain of existence without ever discovering their infinite potential to grow and expand.

The KEY is to do what we can, start taking responsibility for everything that happens to us in our life, and surrender what we cannot control to the "I AM" consciousness that we eternally are. When we surrender what we cannot control to "I AM" (Universal Consciousness), THAT which is aware our experience, "I AM" handles the rest for us. Let go and let God.

Deepening Our Understanding Of The 4 Universal Laws Of Creation - All manifestation is effortless. We can observe that manifestation is effortless because we are all manifesting this very moment without any effort on our behalf. Manifestation is done by consciousness THROUGH the body, heart, and mind NOT by the body, heart, and mind. The body itself is a portal with the crown chakra opening at the top and sub-chakra opening at the base of our feet on the bottom through which consciousness creates our bodies and world we see around us as depicted in the photo below. Remember that higher levels of awareness (lucidity) requires less physical actions. 

In very high lucid states manifestation can occur through the mind and heart alone. Beings with low levels of awareness of who and what we really are will have to perform more physical actions to manifest their dreams into reality. The reason for this is how we perceive the world is how the world will appear to us. When we perceive the world as solid we will experience it solid, but if we see it as our conscious aware vibrating selves then we can bend it through faith, love, surrender, and conviction, which all become effortless when we know ourselves! The mental universe is our internal/external mirror. It will always mirror with out what we perceive and feel within.

3 Step Effortless Manifestation Method

1) Know your "I AM" Self as Universal Consciousness through naked observation. See yourself as the total reality with your own observation. Seek to know the truth not to believe what you were told since beliefs are not facts, but mere opinions we think may be true because the people who told us these beliefs sounded convincing. Awakening through self knowledge is where our infinite potential lies. Know thyself! When you know yourself you'll know the world. God = I AM.

2) If possible perceive what it is you want and feel the vibration as if it is already in your possession in your heart. If you cannot perceive it in your mind, or feel it in your heart simply replace this step with TRUST & SURRENDER as consciousness can create reality independent of the body, heart, and mind.

3) Take Action! Be totally focused on the here and now and start heading in the right direction, let go, and let God "I AM" Universal Consciousness do the rest for you. If you don't know where to go, or what to do the path and resources will be provided for you if and only if you surrender what you cannot control to "I AM" Universal Consciousness.

Let it happen THROUGH your body, heart, and mind NOT by your body, heart, and mind. Remember it is always consciousness that is doing the creating nothing else. Let go of all doubts, trust, and surrender yourself totally to nature, which doesn't have a boss. If you can do that you will become a healthy, and a happy human being who's a good role model for others. BE A LIGHT TO THE WORLD!