The Spiritual Model Of Magick

The spirit model of magick is probably the most ancient type of magick. It is the art of channeling the God Source within, spirits, angels of creation, and angels of destruction to manifest your desired outcome. Ultimately all spirits are extensions of our consciousness. Most people think you have to offer these spirits something in return for their help; however, since they are part of you their service to you is their service to themselves. The benefit of the spiritual model of magick is that you can manifest several things at once with the help of other spirits. With spiritual magick things manifest much quicker for the spiritual worlds are not bound by the same natural laws of the physical world we live in. Here we will discuss several methods you can use to channel spiritual beings to manifest your desired outcome.

Spiritual Magick For Beginners

For beginners who have a hard time believing they can channel it would be recommended to create a ritual process with sigils to manifest the belief, and feelings needed to channel the God source, angels, and, or spirits. To begin draw a magick circle, and in the magick circle draw the Alpha, and Omega words that represent yin, and yang polar energies. The purpose for the magick circle is to ensure protection to the channeler. No spirit can enter it. This is to take a safety precaution in case the channeler gets fearful, and scared. There is no need to fear for all is an extension of yourself, and nothing can hurt you if you feel protected. Make your magick circle look magickal by drawing many sigils that you feel will represent the magickal art of channeling. You can be as creative as you like. It is also recommended that if you are planning on channeling many spirits that you draw the entire thing on a white blanket with paint, or permanent ink.

Once your magick circle is complete perform a self made ritual that will help you generate the belief, and feelings you need to channel a spiritual being. While performing the ritual feel that the spirit is already there with you. By feeling that the spirit is there with you you're calling it. Once you feel a "other" presence there in the room begin to speak to it through telepathy (the language of feelings). If you don't know how to speak telepathically click the "Magick" link above, and scroll down to where I describe how to speak, and be spoken to in this universal language. Do not make any deal with them. State to them that they are another you, give them love, respect, and ask them for their assistance in manifesting your desired outcome. Since they are another you they will be more then happy to serve you, for by serving you they are serving themselves. When you have finished channeling the spirit thank them with love, and gratitude, and send them off. Finish off your ritual to close the magick circle, and you will begin to see your outcome being manifested rather quickly.

NOTE - Do not harm anyone, or anything for all is another you, and what you do to others will come back upon you.

Below Is An Example Of A Magick Circle

Adept Spiritual Magick

For the adept channelers no magick circle, or ritual is needed if the channeler has no problem believing and feeling that he, or she can channel any being. This entire process is performed through the combination of the mind, and heart. To begin simply feel that the spirit is already with you. Once you feel it's presence speak with it telepathically asking it for it's assistance in helping you manifest your desired outcome with love, and gratitude. When finished thank it, and send it off.

Fusing Your Spirit With Spirits & Angelic Beings

This is very easy to do since all is already another you. You're not actually fusing with these beings because you are already one with them. You're only consciously fusing with them. When channeling a spirit, angel, or the God source within you simply feel your spirit merge with it until you feel the oneness between you, and it until the feeling of separation dissolves. This will greatly expand your consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, and magickal power.