Sigil Magick Reprogramming Reality Magick

Understanding The Power Of Sigil Magick

A Sigil is a magickal term for symbols. The language of the multiverse is feelings, and the language of the subconscious mind, which communicates with the superconscious mind of the multiverse is symbols, and feelings. Sigil magick is a form of reprogramming the subconscious mind by leaving impressions upon it through symbolism. A sigil can overwrite a limiting belief with a new belief through symbolic impressions. A sigil can be made up by the practitioner, and it will work no matter how the sigil looks because the power behind the sigil is the feeling, and belief that is associated with it. Usually sigil magick is performed in a ritualistic fashion. The practitioner draws a sigil that to them represents what they want to manifest. The sigil can be used to manifest things, empower the individual, and reprogram reality for you are intimately, energetically, and vibrationally with it.

The symbol leaves an impression upon the subconscious. The subconscious then projects the sigil, which is associated with the practitioner's feelings, and beliefs as a energetic vibrational message through the conscious mind into the the sea of consciousness of energetic vibrations also known as the superconscious mind of the multiverse. The multiverse will then act as a mirror, and will project back to the practitioner whatever they projected into it resulting in manifestation. Sigil magick is another form of using the Law Of Attraction for things that the practitioner wants to manifest but has trouble believing they can manifest it, and has trouble generating the feeling. When performed in a ritualistic fashion the ritual, and the sigils come together helping the practitioner generated the belief, feelings needed to perform the law of attraction prayer for deliberate creation of the practitioners will. Different people use different methods, and that is fine as long as it works for you.

Sigil magick is used by many big companies as their logo such as Mcdonalds (the specially designed M is their sigil), KFC (The picture of Colonel Sanders is their sigil), Coca Cola (The letters, which are symbols are drawn differently turning them into a sigil), Toyota (The Toyota symbol is their sigil), so on, and so forth. These symbols get imbedded into our subconscious thus every time we see the symbol we instantly think about that company. The companies use sigils for a reason. They are aware of how powerfully it effects our subconscious mind. For example seeing a company sigil for food might make you hungry in the moment, or later in the day for that food. The purpose of their sigils is to get it so embedded in your subconscious that every time you think about food, cars, auto insurance, etc. these sigils will activate in your subconscious causing you to remember them. So the proof is in the pudding. IT WORKS!

Key Note - Do not talk about what you're in the process of manifesting with others for that will get other people's (other projections of your consciousness) thoughts thinking about what you're trying to manifest, and that will prevent the law of attraction sigil magick ritual from manifesting what you want. You can only talk about it after it manifests, and even then it is recommended to speak about this stuff with people who are on a similar path to yours. You don't want people to think you're nuts. If you're teaching this stuff make sure you can explain it simply. If you can't explain it simply then that means you don't know it well enough.

Creating, & Using Your Own, Or Someone's Sigil

Step 1 - Think of what it is you want to manifest.

Step 2 - Draw a sigil that represents your intention. You can be as creative as you want with this. Put a magick circle around it. You can use someone else's sigil, or make your own. It's fine to use other peoples sigils as long as you believe in it. Your belief is what will make it will work. Personally I prefer to use my own sigils but that's just me. Your belief, and feelings is what empowers the sigil. You can draw it how you like. Make it look as magickal as possible so that it can leave a stronger impression upon your subconscious .

Step 3 - Use the sigil in a self made ritual, or borrowed ritual that someone else made up. Dress in unique clothing when performing the ritual. You can use tools for your magick too to help you generate the feeling. Use whatever floats your boat. Just don't harm anyone, or anything for all is another you. You'll be harming yourself, and karma will return to you. Keep it as pure as possible. Feel the emotion of love as you would as if the thing you wanted was already manifested. Chanting your intent also helps but is not mandatory. While performing the ritual feel you already have what you want, and program that into the sigil by feeling this is what the sigil represents.

Note - All is another you because you're energetically, and vibrationally one with it. The law of attraction prayers, sigils, and rituals you are doing is being sent to your true whole collective self  as the multiverse.

Step 4 - Feel while performing the ritual that your intent will manifest instantly, put your hand over the sigil, and feel its vibrational energy merge with yours by energetically absorbing the entire sigil.

Step 5 - After you finished the ritual let it go by forgetting about it, and keeping your mind preoccupied with something else, have no doubts, and it will manifest in your reality when you least expect it.

Step 6 - When the opportunity manifests take the necessary action to acquire what you sent out for.

Note - It works best if you don't specify how you want it to manifest because then you're letting the law work for you in limitless ways. If you want it to be specific then specify but know that it may limit the way the law of attraction works for you.

Adept Mental Sigil Law Of Attraction Magick

Step 1 - Visualize in your minds eye your intent. Turn this intention into a magickal sigil in your mind, and make it look as unique as possible so it will leave a strong impression upon your subconscious.

Step 2 - Focus on this mental sigil for awhile until you have a clear vivid image of it. This will leave an impression upon your subconscious.

Step 3 - Add the emotion of gratitude, and infinite unconditional love that you would feel as if you already received what you want into this mental sigil. Gratitude, and infinite unconditional love are powerful emotions, which will charge your sigil (Note that the mind cannot tell the difference between what's imagined, and what's real, which is what lets this work). Adding emotion not only charges the sigil but it also leaves an even stronger impression upon the subconscious for the language of the subconscious is symbols, and feelings.

Step 4 - Feel your intent will manifest instantly, and then feel this emotionally charged mental sigil's vibration merge with your energetic vibration. At this point you can turn this process into a self made ritual to enhance your feelings (if it needs enhancing). Be as creative as you want with your ritual. It will work as long as it feels unique enough, and as long as you believe it will work. Breathing, walking around in a certain way, and moving your body around with energy will suffice too if that's what you feel will cut it. You can also chant your intention into an affirmation as if you already have it present tense. If you like you can chant this verbally, or mentally but both must be done with emotion. Chanting is not mandatory but it can also enhance your emotions. This will shift your internal energy vibration into that, which you want to manifest, and will be the foundation for the law of attraction to work for you.

Step 5 - To send this off into the YOUniverse completely forget about it, and it will manifest instantly in a form of opportunities when you least expect it. 

Step 6 - When the opportunity presents itself to you take the necessary actions needed to acquire what you sent out for. This action can be simply accepting it from someone else, or even just going to pick it up if its an object.

Note - It works best if you don't specify how you want it to manifest because then you're letting the law work for you in limitless ways. If you want it to be specific then specify but know that it may limit the way the law of attraction works for you.

Sex Sigil Law Of Attraction Magick

Sex is a powerful way to perform sigil magick. It can be done by yourself (masturbation), with a partner, or partners to perform the sigil magick ritual. The point of orgasm is when one releases a lot of energy, and that energy is a very powerful way to charge a sigil. If you're doing it alone then at the point of orgasm look at your sigil, or visualize it. It only takes a second to charge it. If you're performing this with a partner, or many partners have them visualize, or look at the sigil when they orgasm. The sexual practice will count as the ritual. When you're finished simply forget about it to send it out into the YOUniverse. Most people masturbate, and, or have sex anyway so you might as well use that energy to manifest what you want.

Hyper Sigil Law Of Attraction Magick

A hyper sigil is a sigil that can be made through a magickal diary, or comic. You draw a character, or write a story about a character that you wish to become, and have similar experiences like the one in your diary, or comic. As your comic, and story progresses you make for yourself an alter ego, and begin to act as this character. This is similar to the faking it until you become it method described in the law of attraction page. As you begin to become more like this character you will begin to attract similar types of situations, and people that you have described in your story, or comic. Make a sigil for this character, and charge it with emotions as described in the methods above. Then merge the energy of the sigil with yours by absorbing it. This is another very powerful way to create, and reprogram reality. Be careful what you write, or draw about your character in your story, or comic for what you write, or draw will come upon you. Fill it with positive things you want, and leave out all negativity. Give your character love, and gratitude too!

Mass Consciousness Sigil LOA Magick

There is power in numbers for those who hold on to the illusion of separateness. For those who perceive reality from oneness they don't have to use this method; however, either way it is very effective. What you do is you draw a magickal sigil, and have many people use it for the same purpose. It's more powerful because you're building a lot of energy in motion (emotions) behind the sigil. The same methods apply as far as charging it, rituals, and releasing it. Once everyone uses it they must release it by completely forgetting about in order to send it into the YOUniverse.

Servitor Sigil Law Of Attraction Magick

You can create servitors to do your sigil magick for you by programming it into them from the very moment you create them. This gives you the ability to manifest many things at the same time.