From Self Inquiry To Enlightenment!

Self Inquiry # 1 – Who & What Am I?

•Who am I? Who is the one typing this? Who is the one reading this? To whom does the environment-body-mind report to? To whom does this identity belong to? Who am I when my body is calm, and my mind is still like when people meditate, or are in sleep? What is this changeless me that witnesses all change? Who is the one talking when word sound vibrations are emitted from my mouth? Who is the knower that knows the known? Who is the one meditating in mediation? Is this Self the mind (thoughts), emotions, sensations, experience, the body, the environment, the world, existence, status, nationality, gender, or is it THAT, which knows these things, but isn't of these things? Can you find this one? Can the seer be seen? Who are YOU?

There is something there which is not a thing; a boundless space in which all things are known. This is universal consciousness. Not the words universal consciousness, but THAT to which the words are pointing to, and you are THAT space!

Self Inquiry #2 - All We Can Ever Know Is Consciousness!

Right now become fully aware of what is in front of you. Where do you experience your thoughts, body, emotions, sensations, experiences, and reality? Do you experience it inside of consciousness awareness, or outside of consciousness awareness? Keep in mind that if it is not in your awareness you would never know it's there. Observe this moment, and realize that all you can ever know is consciousness awareness itself. From this perspective we have no idea if there really is an outside world outside of our awareness. Reality appears to be outside of us, but if we pay close attention to the present moment we can clearly see that reality is actually appearing within us, as we appear within it just like in a dream. We exist inside of ourselves. Consciousness by definition can only know itself, and all we know is consciousness, and never anything outside of consciousness.

Self Inquiry #3 – We Are One!

One the physical level any biologist will tell you that every organism is one with it's environment. How come we fail to see the connection? It is a very common sense to know that anything that has an inside has an outside, and that both inside, and outsides aren't separate, but are indeed one. We eat, drink, breathe, and absorb sunlight from the environment, and our waste goes back out into the environment. Our body isn't an independent vehicle in the environment, the body is an interdependent organism, which is a one going together with it's environment. We are like a whirlpool in the ocean. The whirlpool contains no water, but the whole ocean moves in, and through it. We too contain nothing from the environment, yet the whole universal environment moves in, and through us. On the quantum level reality is a unified field of energy of universal consciousness, of limitless possibilities, vibrating at different frequencies, which shapes itself into what we call matter when observed by a conscious sentient being. We are all the fabric, and structure of existence itself. There is absolutely no separateness in reality. The separation only exists in our conditioning in our minds, which creates a distortion of a reality of separate things, and beings.

On the mental level we are also one. When we focus on someone, or something long enough in our minds we see it manifested in our reality moments later, or there are many cases of having shared dreams, or shared thoughts (telepathy). How can this be so? The only logical explanation is that we are sharing a single mind, and this mind is the matrix of all matter. The mind separates things from oneness into boxes, and labels them. We do this all the time, but somehow we have forgotten we are the ones who have labeled, and separated things, and began to believe in an illusion of separateness. The source of the illusion is language. Language is constructed in a very dualistic style, which puts us under the spell of the illusion of separateness. Sitting in silence as the silent changeless witness of all change dispels the spell language has put us under through our permission for it to do so. We given power to our mind, which is the servant of consciousness, not the master of it because the mind always reports to its source, which is consciousness itself.

We are one on the emotional level too. When we walk into a room full of people we can feel their vibes (emotional vibrations of consciousness energy in motion) if we aren't too distracted by our thoughts. We can even read each others vibes effortlessly by simply observing what we are feeling from the apparently separate other person. All this will be impossible if our hearts weren't connected.

On the consciousness level consciousness itself is boundless; therefore, the same infinite "I AM" presence in me is the same infinite "I AM" presence in you. In a weird mysterious way our feelings seem to effect the world around us. This proven today in quantum physics in the famous 'Double Slit Experiment', which shows how consciousness effects the outcome of how matter takes shape from the quantum level up. This too is living proof that we are all the fabric, and structure of existence itself existing as universal consciousness in which reality exists, and is experienced in.

Self Inquiry #4 – The Universe Is Mental!

A thing is a think. There are no things in the world. All apparently separate things are all interconnected, and since the universe existing inside of universal consciousness is infinite, existence in of itself is not a thing, concept, or theory; therefore, all things experienced within reality is a product of mind, which is being observed within consciousness awareness. Don't believe what I am saying. Look into this now. Any thing you can conceive is a thought in the mind of consciousness (I AM Presence). Only when you drop the labels, and see reality as it is will you truly begin to see.

What is a thing? A thing isn't any thing because it isn't separate from its environment. A thing is not the label we give it, it is what it does, and what you use it for, and therefore, a thing is infinite possibilities. Also to define matter as mere physical stuff is a type of ignorance (ignoring what exists presently in plain sight). Matter isn't solid. Thoughts if focused on, given attention to long enough will eventually manifest as a feeling, and once let go of will manifest in the apparent physical world, and whether we put effort or not we still manifesting reality effortlessly (We are the law of attraction). This can only be possible if, and only if the universe as we know it is mental. We are the imagination of ourselves, a reflection of universal consciousness, which is it, and contains all existence within its own being. Look now again deep within your being. Notice how your thoughts, emotions, fears, or any thought you have given emotion to, see how it was you the whole time. We are what we do, and what happens to us, and that is the true meaning of karma.

Self Inquiry #5 – We Are Immortal!

Become aware of being aware. Does your awareness have a birth? The body, and mind have a birth, but does consciousness itself have a birth? Sit silently, and look deeply now. How old is your being, not your body, not your mind, but your beingness? Something that has not beginning cannot have an end. We can say my body mind was born on this, and this date, but consciousness? We don't know its birthdate. It has non. It just eternally is. Energy too which all what we call physical existence is made up of also has no beginning, nor end. Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, and so what you are can never be relinquished. Your body is the imageless existence, which can never perish.

Exercise: Watch a piece of paper burning, and see what happens to the paper. Observe. Where does it go? The paper transmutes into heat, ashes, and smoke, but the energy is still there. You too are energy of consciousness. You too cannot perish.

Self Inquiry #6 – The Eternal Now!

When does now begin, and now end? When does event A begin, Event A end, Event B begin, and Event B end? Are they really two separate events, or are they happening in an eternally now? Ask yourself is yesterday happening now? Is tomorrow happening now, or is now always happening now for all eternity? Take a look. Can anything escape the now?

Nothing escapes the now. Now is all that exists; therefore, all of time exists now, and is layered on top of each other stretching out to infinity in the present moment.

Self Inquiry # 7 – The Limitless Power Of Now!
•The limitations of our mind only effect us when we are thinking. If we are present we awaken our limitless potential. This is known as FLOW STATE, or THE LUCID STATE. Only when we are identifying with thought can our limiting beliefs effect us.

Exercise: Become aware of being aware, and from presence act and perform the action you want to accomplish. See the difference when you are identifying with thought, and when you are present. If you stay in presence long enough you enter the zero dimension of pure consciousness awareness. This is a dimension outside space, and time. Here the perception of time, space, duality, separation, ego, mind, body all fall away into a lucid state of being 100% PURE AWARENESS! Try this, and see the difference in your potential.

Self Inquiry #8 - Universal Awareness!

•Remote Viewing, the ability to will awareness anywhere outside the body in existence through will, feeling, faith, and intention is living proof we are the all seeing eye.
•Astral Projection, the ability to enter the universal mind through projecting inwards through will, feeling, faith, and intention lets us peer through the realm of limitless possibilities.
•We can see through other peoples eyes by placing our awareness within others by feeling our awareness is in them. Try these exercises, and see for yourself.

Self Inquiry # 9 - We Are The All Knowing All Seeing Eye!

  • Become fully present of what is happening here now. Ask any question you want, and return to presence. Do not anticipate anything. Just watch. You will see an answer appear within your consciousness spontaneously. This is how we access the akashic records that is in the very energy fabric, and structure of existence itself. When we do this consciousness accesses the universal superconscious mind, and downloads the answer into your brain (very similar to the plug into the matrix chair in the matrix). Try this exercise to see for yourself.

Conclusion - We Are The Tao!

  • The Tao, The Universe, God Source Consciousness, whatever you like to call it is infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, formless, boundless, all seeing, all knowing, beyond labels, concepts, definitions, comprehension, the creator, container, fabric, and structure of existence itself, and we are all that, only we have been pretending we're not. Remember that the Tao is never a product of his, her own knowledge. The Tao does all things without knowing how it does it. It is an agnosia type of knowing. A knowing without being able to put it into words, for words are just pointers to an experience, but not the experience itself. You do it just in the same way you open, and close your hand, and have no idea how you do it, but you just do it. So in the same way you are doing the whole cosmic dance of the universe, in the exact same way you create your dreams. We are all you, and you exist inside of yourself. Life is a cosmic dream, and you are the dreamer. You're it! Welcome to the Lucid Living Experience


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