The Lucid Living Experience

Awaken Inner Peace, Tranquility, & Infinite Potential

1. Who And What Is "I AM"?

Who and what is I AM? What do you mean, what are you referring to when you say "I", "me", or "myself"? If you are referring to your body then let's take a closer look. The body that we have is biologically and physically one with the environment, which is the universe.  The idea we have of ourselves is not who we are because the idea of ourselves does not include the universal environment; furthermore, the idea of ourselves can change, but we the I AM witnessing our idea of ourselves changing does not change. Now wait a minute! What am I talking about? Let's take a closer look shall we?

Spiritual Exercise #1 WE ARE THE UNIVERSE!
Take brief moment to observe yourself right here and now. Slowly observe your breath. We breathe in from the environment and breathe back out into the environment. We eat from the environment and our waste goes back into the environment. We need an environment to walk on. We need sunlight, oxygen, food, water, and shelter from our environment. Can our bodies be separated in any way from the environment? If not then why have we been perceiving ourselves as something other then it? Where does the environment begin and end? Does it begin from where you're standing. If so where does it end? After deep analysis we can see that we are inseparable from the environment, which is the universe.

End Of Spiritual Exercise

Mankind has not only falsely identified with their bodies, but with the mind as well. What is the mind? The mind is not the brain. The mind is a collection of thoughts. What are thoughts? Thoughts are like files of stored data information that is stored in the universal subconscious mind. Universal subconscious mind? Yes! Just as we have pointed out, the body is one with the environment, which is the universe; therefore, we not only share one body called the universe, but a universal mind as well. The phenomenon known as telepathy shows us that our mind stretches far beyond our brain, and that our brain is more of a transmitter rather then the mind itself.

When we are experiencing a thought where are we prior to the thought, during the duration of the thought, and when the thought leaves? Thoughts come and go, but you stay. As what do you stay? Here is a hint. Look at the space in between thoughts. Before a thought comes we are observing the HERE and NOW, during the duration of the thought we are observing it in the HERE and NOW, and when the thought leaves we watch it leave in there HERE and NOW. Where we are never changes no matter what thoughts come and go. We always stay HERE NOW.

Spiritual Exercise #2 WE ARE NOT OUR MIND!

Slowly and passively observe your breath and watch your thoughts here now without interacting with them. Thoughts come. Thoughts go. Where are you when they come and go? Observe the space in between thoughts. In between the thoughts is there not the intuition "I AM" without the thought "I AM"? Keep observing this space like intuitive presence "I AM" in between the thoughts. What is observing thoughts? What is aware of thoughts,  thinking, and the space in between thoughts? What is the "I AM" that is aware? To whom do thoughts appear to? Who is "me"? 

2. All We Can Ever Know Is "I AM"!

Become conscious of being aware. Observe being consciously aware. Realize that the only thing you know about reality is your awareness of it. Is it possible to know anything outside of being aware, and if so who, or what will be aware of it? As you can see all we can ever really know is awareness, so it is actually impossible to be ignorant of awareness. Awareness is our first and only experience for outside of awareness we know nothing.

3. We Are Beyond The Concept Of Oneness!

Stop what you are doing and take a moment to observe your breath. We breathe in from the environment and breathe back into the environment. We eat from the environment and our waste goes back into the environment. We need an environment to walk on. We need sunlight, and gravity from the environment in order for our bodies to exist. Continue to observe closely as it slowly becomes evident that our body is one with the environment and in fact is the environment, which is the universe.

Now that you are seeing yourself as the universe at large, ask yourself how can you be a separate entity from anyone, or anything else? This identity that we believed ourselves to be as merely the body is a fraud. We are the universe. We are the moving "what is" being observed inside of us the still consciousness "what is". We are both the stillness and the apparent movement being perceived inside the stillness. The yin and the yang. The only thing that made us feel that we are separate from one another is our flawed believed thought that we are separate independent individuals. This is an illusion. You're it!

4. The Universe Is Mental!

If you believe the universe is a physical place try to find evidence of its physicality outside your mind. All senses are being perceived by our mind. Even the body, and human brain is a perception in our mind. So how do you know you're not dreaming this right now? In fact what is the difference between the dream world and the real world when both worlds appear as a perception in the same mind of us "I AM" consciousness?

Ever wonder why scientists cannot find this stuffed we are supposedly made up of called "matter"? It doesn't exist because we aren't living in a physical universe like we were told, but in a mental universe inside of us consciousness the great "I AM". This is why if we can see something in our mind we can manifest it in reality. We are living in the world of perception! Change your perception and you'll change your reality. Open the gates of perception now! This world is what we make it!

5. "I AM" Is Immortal!

Bring your attention back to being conscious of the experience of being aware. Observe your experience of being aware and see if awareness ever comes and goes? Can awareness come? No because without awareness there effectively is no experience. Can it go? No it cannot go because it never came, and even if it did manage to go who would be aware of its absence?

Awareness does not come so too it cannot go. What has no beginning has no end. We cannot have an experience of non-being because that is not an experience; therefore, awareness itself is the very source of life, and life by definition cannot die. We don't have a life. WE ARE LIFE! We the "I AM" are the very source of life itself, and this "I AM" that we are is immortal because the experience of being aware never comes and goes, and has no beginning, nor end.

6. Now Is The Only True Time!

Take a moment to observe "what is" and try to find an event to occurs outside of the "here and now". Is it possible for anything to occur outside of now? No! The time of any particular event is always now. Our memories of the past, and thoughts of the present, and future appear in our mind in the now. Nothing escapes the now. The past, present, and future are all mental concepts in the mind, but don't actually exist in the real world. In the real world the time is always now. So why not now?

7. The Lucid Limitless Power Of Now!

Take a moment to focus on your breath and let your mind calm itself without any effort on your behalf. Keep your attention firmly on the here and now, but do so relaxingly. In this state when thoughts of doubt are no longer able to distract you from accomplishing your goal you are limitless. The only thing preventing us from awakening our true potential is our thoughts and beliefs. When our thinking mind is on all kinds of doubts begin to surface holding us back from our true potential, but when we let our mind dissolve into its source "I AM" consciousness, all our limitless potential is reawakened and at our disposal.

Our limitless potential fully awakens when we are fully immersed in the here and now and identify only as the aware presence that is aware of our experience that we call "I AM", and surrender fully to ourselves the "I AM" to manifest what we want through our body, heart, and mind NOT by the body, heart, and mind. When we surrender to "I AM" consciousness in the here and now without commentary from our mind consciousness manifests what we desire for us through our avatar creating of desired outcome in our reality.

8. "I AM" Is Universal & Impersonal!

Observe being consciously aware of being aware and look to see if you can find any observable content about consciousness. Observe "I AM" consciousness closely and realize that there is no content to be found. Since consciousness is not a thing, or an object, thought, emotion, or sensation that can be witnessed, or observed means that consciousness is not a person. Consciousness is impersonal, which means it is everywhere and everyone all at the same time in the same place called here and now. The "ALL" is perceived inside the "I AM" presence. We know this to be true because we are aware of what we are experiencing; therefore, "experience" always occurs within awareness NOT outside of awareness simply because if experience was outside of awareness we wouldn't be aware of it. What is in awareness is made up of awareness just as what appears on your screen is made up of the screen. The "I AM" that is me is the same "I AM" that is you! I AM IS ALL THAT EXISTS!

9. "I AM" Is All Knowing & All Seeing!

Let your body mind relax totally as you keep your attention focused on "what is" and being conscious of being aware. As your body mind relaxes observe the feeling of separation begin to dissolve. Are you able to observe your conscious presence everywhere? Consciousness is "I AM", which is the universal presence of being aware. Consciousness sees all and knows all because consciousness is every "I AM" that exists because we experience all of existence as a perception inside of consciousness the great "I AM".

0. Grand Conclusion Of Knowing "I AM"!

"I AM" is God source awareness. "I AM" is both everything and no-thing. The alpha and omega. The yin and the yang and you are it! If this self inquiry has guided you and helped you to know yourself then I welcome you to the lucid living experience!