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What Is Ritual Magick & How Do We Do It?

Ritual magick is a energy model and potentially spirit model creative style of magick designed to help one have stronger faith in their ability to manifest what we as "I AM" consciousness desire into our reality. The ritual itself has no power. It is the one who has faith that ritual will work that gives the ritual its magical power; however, there is a downside to using ritual magick. Ritual magick works with leaving impressions upon our subconscious mind, which creates the frequency of having what in our heart, which then manifests once we truly surrender to "I AM" consciousness to manifest the change through our body, heart, and mind NOT by our body, heart, and mind.

In order to leave an impression on our subconscious mind we can only do rituals once in a while; otherwise, our subconscious will pick up the information as "NORMAL" and no great impression will be left upon it. This is way it is recommended to save ritualistic magick for things we may have trouble believing we can bring about.

The ritual can be anything you want it to be. The ritual is not what counts. It is you have believe in the ritual that gives the ritual power. As long as you believe in the ritual it will work. You can be as creative as you'd like when creating your own ritual. Once completed surrender to "I AM" consciousness to manifest it for you.

Creating Your Own Ritual Guide

1. Begin with first knowing what you really want, and write this down on a special parchment, hemp, leather, or paper of your choosing. It is recommended you pick a special type of paper for the difference in paper will strengthen your belief.

2. Focus on how you want to design your ritual. What type of ritual would it take to get you to believe in your own magickal powers as "I AM" consciousness? Will you use crystals, candles, incense, sigals, magickal tools, etc.

3. Once you have decided on how you will perform your ritual take time to meditate and prepare before beginning the ritual.  A cleansing shower, or bath is recommended as all preparation for the ritual adds to our belief in the ritual. The cleansing shower, or bath also helps remove any impure energies that might get in the way.

4. Begin performing your ritual. Once finished surrender to "I AM" consciousness to manifest it through your body, heart, and mind NOT by your body, heart, and mind.

5. Keep your attention focused on "I AM" consciousness and what is without waiting. Keep your attention fully here now and "I AM" consciousness will manifest it for you, and through you in mysterious ways.