Magickal Law Of Attraction Rituals

Understanding Ritual Law Of Attraction Magick

Ritual magick is a method of bypassing one's limiting belief systems, and a way of generating the feeling in order to use the law of attraction. This comes in handy when one wants to manifest something he, or she cannot feel they can have right now. The ritual itself is powerless without one's belief, and feelings in it that it will work. What ritual you use matters not. You can even make up your own. The key is to leave an impression on the subconscious mind, which will project the impression left upon it out the conscious mind into the superconscious mind of the multiverse bringing the manifested result. Rituals are primary done using symbol, and feelings through some sort of action the individual makes to perform the ritual. Symbols, and feelings are the language of the subconscious mind. You make your own symbols (better known as sigils) to symbolize what it is that you want to manifest. You can only perform the same ritual several times a year for if you perform it regularly it will lose it's specialness, and no impression will be left upon the subconscious. You can however perform different types of rituals for the same thing on a more regular basis.

Performing A Magickal Law Of Attraction Rituals

Step 1 - Visualize your true heart's intent, and make it a clear of an image as possible.

Step 2 - Create your own, or use a previously made ritual. Make it something that stands out of the norm. The more creative, and different it is from what you regularly do the better, and more powerful the impression will be made upon the subconscious.

Step 3 generate the feeling; however, this is not mandatory.

Step 4 - Draw on a piece of paper, or parchment what your highest intent is in form of sigils (symbols).

Step 5 - Begin the ritual by performing the ritual you made up, or by following someone else's ritual. Look at the symbols visualizing your intent while performing the ritual. You can add an affirmation prayer to this if you like. Make sure to feel the assumed feeling of what you intend to as if it is already manifested now through this ritual process. Expect, and feel it to manifest instantly.

Step 6 - Release the ritual law of attraction prayer by ending the ritual, letting go of your attachment to what you just performed, and forgetting about it. This will send the ritualistic law of attraction prayer into the multiverse, and it will manifest in your reality when you least expect it.