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Resurrection Magick Step By Step Guide

Resurrection magick is the ability as "I AM" consciousness to bring the conscious life force energy back to a recently deceased animal, species, or human being. How does it work? "I AM" consciousness is the space like presence in which all manifestation is known. The all is consciousness because it is made out of consciousness just as whatever appears on your screen is made up of the screen. The key objective for resurrection magick to work is get the dead body in livable condition again before bringing back the breath of life into the body.

When the human body mind dies it is not fully dead right away. There are still cells that are functioning in the body and this can be observed once someone has been announced dead. We can still see their hair and nails still grow for the next 14 days. This means that the process of the death is a slow and gradual one. This is why it is possible in the early stages of death to reverse the process with energy of "I AM" consciousness through intention, conviction, and surrender to "I AM" consciousness. This is how it is with human beings. Birds for example have a 3 hour window for when they can resurrected. Every species has its own window when resurrection magick can remanifest life.

The one resurrecting the dead body mind must first heal the body with universal unconditional love, faith, intention, and conviction and let this energy heal the dead body through surrender to "I AM" consciousness. Once the body is energetically felt to able to sustain life take a deep breath in from the bottom of your belly and breathe in the breath of life into the body by intending with universal unconditional love, intention, and conviction that the dead body is alive. Feel life in the body while doing this and discard any thoughts of the body being dead. If done correctly without a slither of doubt in your heart the dead body should come back to life.

Please note that there is no guarantee this will work. Resurrection magick requires maximum attention of keeping our attention fully here now, and an inner knowing of who and what we really are through direct experience. Keep note that "I AM" ultimately decides which body mind lives, and which body mind dies. Remember that "I AM" consciousness does not and cannot die because it is the very source of life itself.

By definition life cannot die because life is life. Life is not death; therefore, since being aware is how we know we are alive means that life is awareness ("I AM" consciousness), which has no beginning, nor end, and because awareness doesn't come, nor go means that awareness, or "I AM" is immortal. So when we are bringing someone back to life what we are actually doing is bringing the body back to a position to sustain life, and then we direct life back into the body through our intention, universal unconditional love, conviction, and surrender to "I AM" consciousness, which is who and what we really are.