Resurrection Of The Dead Magick

Understanding How Resurrection Works

First off magick is not what you think it is. Magick is the ability to manipulate reality through your will in accordance with natural law. You can manipulate reality because you're energetically, and vibrationally interconnected with it. To resurrect something, or someone is not as hard is we make it out to be. It requires you to feel connected to everyone, and everything, and have a high understanding of the nature of consciousness, the laws of mentalism, vibration, correspondence attraction, and deliberate creation. You're not going against the other person's will by doing bringing them back to life for there are no separate individuals in reality. All is a single consciousness appearing as many. Here we will show you an exercise you can use. We recommend you start with insects first, and build yourself up. This ability will become very handy, and can save many lives. You must believe this is possible, and that you can do it for this to work. If you have any doubts all efforts will be in vain.

Resurrection Magick Exercise

Step 1 - Begin by first feeling yourself as the dead corpse, and with all of existence.

Step 2 - Once a conscious connection of feeling has been established visualize, and feel the assumed feeling of the insect, animal, or person already alive, and well.

Step 3 - Keep focusing on this feeling until the body begins to rejuvenate, and life returns to the body. If the body is greatly decomposed visualize the body, whole, well, and alive. Energy from the all will begin to fill the body, regenerate the body, and consciousness will return to it. If the corpse is fully decomposed then simply focus on the earth forming into a body.

Step 4 - Once consciousness returns to the body continue to focus on it being well so that the body fully heals. If the person wakes up relax them, and have them lay down until they are fully healed. If they do not lay down then have them sit up, and let them be for awhile. While they are trying to understand what happened to them continue to heal them by focusing on the assumed feeling that they are already healed. If they are a spiritual person then it would be okay to tell them you resurrected them, if not then it is best to tell them you have no idea how they awoke, and perhaps them at a later time when they are more spiritually awakened.