Reprogramming Your Mind

What Is The Universal Heart Mind?

#1 The Universal Conscious Creator Mind

The universal mind is the mind we all share. It is universal consciousness in motion. This mind is the creator mind, and is the matrix of all matter. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.

#2 The Universal Subconscious Mind

The universal subconscious mind is a universal storage system that we all share. It is also known as the akashic records, and is where all infinite intelligence is eternally present. 

#3 The DNA Mind, Epigenetics, Law Of Attraction, & Human Evolution

The DNA mind is made out the genetic coding of the DNA strands in your blood cells. The genetic code's are not set in stone. Through the phenomenon of epigenetics, one may rewrite their genetic coding through thought plus emotion, which generates an electromagnetic feeling, which is the language of the body, and of the universe. This is why our bodies respond to how we feel, and why the universe attracts to us more of what we are feeling. The DNA mind is programmed through habitual thinking. Thoughts generate emotions, which produce the feeling, which then rewrites the genetic code. This means we have infinite potential, and infinite capabilities to evolve endlessly.

#4 The Heart Intuitive Internal Spiritual Guidance System Mind

The heart is 100,000 times more electrically powerful, and 5,000 times more magnetically powerful then the brain. The mind is the brain in motion, and the brain is powered by universal consciousness. The heart is a self sustaining bioelectricity energy generator for the body, a intuitive wise vibration reader, and generator. It exists in the center of our being.

7 Reprogramming Mind Exercises

1) Conscious repetition of saying, feeling, and being affirmations until you believe it, feel it, become it with no doubts in your mind. Just saying the affirmations won't do the trick. You got to feel what you say until your vibrationally feel you have become it. Keep doing this daily until you feel it, become it, and start seeing results. It could take longer, or shorter depending on the individual. Saying affirmations are good but doing incantations are better. An incantation is when you fully embody the feeling of the affirmation. This leaves a stronger impression upon your subconscious, and it also sends out the vibrational feeling prayer into the YOUniverse, which the YOUniverse will mirror back to you when you least expect it.

2) Unconscious repetition of putting up the affirmations on your wall, cell phone, or any place you go to frequently enough. You don't have to consciously read it, or say it for this to work. Our subconscious records all onto itself, so just by passing by it you'd be reprogramming your subconscious mind. Keep doing this daily until you feel it, become it, and start seeing results. It could take longer, or shorter depending on the individual.

3) Meditation self-hypnosis is one of the fastest ways to implant new programs into the subconscious mind because in meditation your conscious mind goes to sleep giving you direct access to your subconscious. Keep doing this daily until you feel it, become it, and start seeing results. It could take longer, or shorter depending on the individual.

4) Hypnosis done by a hypnotist has a little stronger effect then self hypnosis for this lets your conscious mind completely relaxed. It is recommended one does at least 2 sessions of hypnosis a week until you feel it, become it, and start seeing results. It could take longer, or shorter depending on the individual.

5) Rituals are a great way for reprogramming the subconscious for rituals are something that is done rarely, and because of its rareness this will automatically leave an impression on the subconscious mind. The down side to ritualistic reprogramming is that it must be done rarely in order for it to work, and should only be done several times a year over a length of time in between rituals. You can create your own custom made ritual. The power behind rituals as in all things is your belief that it will work. When performing a custom made, or a ritual made by someone else make sure to do things you don't usually do while applying your emotionally charged belief that it will work. The outside the normality of your daily life ritual charged with your emotionally charged beliefs is what will leave an impression on the subconscious. A single ritual can instantly reprogram your subconscious mind once it processes after your let your mind rest, which is the time your subconscious processes all you have recorded into it.

6) Emotional shock is another method of reprogramming that we do not recommend; however, it does work. Notice the big events that left you emotionally shocked in either a positive, or negative way you can remember with ease. That is because these events also stood out of the norm, and also left an impression on your subconscious mind.

7) Faking it until you become it is another great way to reprogram the subconscious mind. You act as if you are already where you want to be, or already who you want to become until you believe it, feel it, and become it vibrationally. Once you feel you have become it without any more conscious effort in doing so then you have officially left an impression on the subconscious.