The 4 Primary Magickal Models

The Four Types Of Magick Models

1) The Lucid Living Experience Model:

The lucid living experience model is a model developed by Kfir Yoel Benyamin. It is a mental, and emotional construct of perceiving, and feeling yourself, everyone, and everything as universal consciousness that is one, omnipresent in all, limitless, immortal, timeless, all knowing, without shape, or form (I AM NO THING FOR I AM ALL THINGS). Through this model absolutely anything is possible. This model mostly uses the combination of the consciousness, and energy models of magick listed below from the state of being universal consciousness. The lucid living experience model is the model we use in our magickal occult teachings of the magickal arts.

2) The Consciousness Model (The Law Of Attraction):

The consciousness model is a form of magick using your omnipresent consciousness to manifest what you desire in your reality by visualizing, and feeling the assumed feeling that you already have what you want, or that you have already become what you want. This form of magick is known as the Law of attraction. The law of attraction is a combination of three immutable universal natural laws, and they are: The law of Mentalism, Vibration, and Correspondence. It states we become our subconscious beliefs (what we think about most), we attract how we vibrationally feel, who we vibrationally are, and what we focus on for where our focus goes our energy flows.

3) The Energy Model:

The energy model is a model similar to the consciousness model, however this model works more with rituals, and sigils. The energy model uses rituals, and sigils to increase the practitioner's energy, and vibrational state to manifest what the practitioner wants. The natural laws that apply are the same as in the consciousness model. This model is more of a physical, ritualistic, and symbolic version of the law of attraction.

4) The Spirit Model:

The spirit model is a very ancient model. Practitioners would invoke spirits, angels, or demons through rituals, and sigils to perform their will for them. These spiritual entities are one with the practitioner, and one with the energetic vibration unified field of the multiverse. The spirit, angels, and demons are belief constructs much like a servitor, except they were given consciousness by the practitioners who believed in them. The more people believed, and did rituals to invoke these spiritual entities the larger the spiritual entity would grow. The process of invocation works through the law of attraction as well.