The Lucid Living Experience

Awaken Inner Peace, Tranquility, & Infinite Potential

1. The Lucid Model Of Magick

The lucid model of magick is the highest form of magick. The lucid model of magick is magick in purest and simplest form. The consciousness model of magick is how we manifest apparent things into reality as "I AM" consciousness through the body, heart, and mind NOT by the body, heart, and mind through the process of intention of manifested outcome with conviction and surrender.

2. The Energy Model Of Magick

The energy model of magick is magick done through sigils, which are energetically charged symbols, which manifest what we want with intention and conviction, and surrender by destroying the sigil afterwards and letting the manifestation happen through our body, heart, and mind NOT by our body, heart, and mind.

3. The Spirit Model Of Magick

The spirit model of magick is magick involving the invocation of spirits to do your bidding for you. This model of magick requires one to make some sort of trade with the servitor of your creation, spirit, demon, or entity in order to get what you want. The Lucid Living Experience only teaches how to use your own servitors because using someone else's servitor may bring along other energies you may, or may not want.

The Self "I AM" consciousness is greater then any servitor, spirit, demon, or entity because all apparent beings, and things appear with "I AM" consciousness, and are ultimately our collective Self. It is not recommended that you play around with other spirits, demons, or entities for your own safety. If you're going to play with spirit magick we suggest you play with your own custom made servitors to do your bidding for you.