"Jumper" Creating Wormhole Portals Magick

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to walk through a portal wormhole, and skip all the time of traveling long distances? It is possible! I the founder of the mystery school of life Spiritual Life Coach Kfir Yoel Benyamin would know for I have walk through many. Portal magick is highly advanced magick. We have the ability with our mind, heart, and focus to open up wormholes to anywhere in the universe. Depending on your currently level of awareness, and limitless perception you can open up a portal with your mind, and heart alone, or if you're on a lower level of awareness, and coming from a more limited perception you can open one up through magickal rituals. Creating, and traveling through portals is possible due to the fact that we are one with all, and therefore are omnipresent at all times. This means that there is no distance between what we call "here", and "there"; therefore, the real you doesn't travel anywhere for you are already everywhere. Only your awareness travels within itself, and recreates your body in the new destination. Here we will discuss various methods of opening, and closing portals for the beginner, and adept.

Beginners Portal Ritual Magick Method

Step 1 - Decide on a location of where you would like to open your portal, and the destination on the other side of the portal. Note that portals can be made anywhere including mid air. In visualizing your portal make it large enough for you to enter it.

Step 2 - Design and prepare a ritual for the opening, and closing of the portal. You can be as creative as you like with this process. The key in making a proper ritual is to make it unique enough that it shall definitely leave an impression upon your subconscious mind for instant reprogramming, and manifestation.

Step 3 - Perform your self made ritual. During the ritual gather the feeling that the portal is already opened. The portal is a spinning vortex that spins faster then the speed of light. You can program your ritual by feeling that the portal is spinning at this rate. You may also enhance your ritual by adding a magickal incantation spell to it. While performing the ritual spell in your mind, or out loud over, and over again as an incantation "The Portal Is Already Opened". While performing the ritual program the ritualistic prayer that once you go through the portal the portal itself will close automatically, or after you, and another goes through it. You cannot put a time on it for the only time that exists is now. DO NOT LEAVE THE PORTAL OPEN FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME! ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO CLOSE THE PORTAL RIGHT AWAY OTHERWISE IF LEFT ALONE IT WILL COLLAPSE INTO A BLACK HOLE!

Step 4 - Upon closing your finished ritual. Sit in meditation, let your mind clear itself by not judging any sensations, or thoughts until your mind clears itself. During this time in meditation is when your ritualistic prayer will be sent to the universe for it to reflected back to you manifested in your reality. Once cleared open your eyes.

Step 5 - When you awaken from your meditation look directly at the area where you have decided for the opening of the portal. Note that from the side it may appear that the portal isn't there unless you have programmed the portal to be able to be seen from all angles.

Step 6 - Walk through your portal into your destination.

Adept Portal Magick Method
(Requires You To Be Fully Present In The Now)

Step 1 - Visualize a portal opening in your desired location big enough for you to walk through. Visualize the opposing side of your desired destination.

Step 2 - Whilst visualizing both entrance, and exit points feel, feel, and feel the portal wormhole vortex spinning faster then the speed of light as if it already exists in front of you. Create a vivid clear image of it in your minds eye. The more you feel it already exists the more likely a portal is likely to open in front of you.

Step 3 - Send this energized visualization into the YOUniverse by meditating on nothingness.

Step 4 - Upon awakening from your meditation your portal should be in front of you.

Step 5 - Walk through your portal to your desired destination.

Step 6 - Make sure to close to portal behind you by feeling it is already closed. As mentioned above in the beginners method make sure to close the portal behind you to prevent it from potentially collapsing into a black hole. To maintain the portal opening would require you to focus on it staying open so other people, or things can pass through.