The Secret To Physical Immortality

The 9 Causes Of Physical Death Of The Body

1) The belief in the physical death of the body through epigenetics and the placebo effect causes death of the body.

2) Malnutrition! When the body doesn't receive the right nutrition it begins to die over time. 

3) Pituitary gland decreases in size over time creating less telomeres, which is an enzyme that prevents the chromosome in the DNA from shortening every time our cells split. When the chromosomes shortens too much the cells can no longer reproduce, leaving the body with old cells, resulting in death.

4) Religion promises that when you die you'll go to heaven. When people of old age begin having pains they begin to look forward to dying to go to this wonderful place. As a result the spirit eventually leaves the body.

5) Not loving your occupation. When one is not fulfilled with their occupation it causes depression, and diseases, which lead to death in the long run.

6) Lack of self love, and love from others also causes one to emotionally want to die, resulting in the mind wanting to let go of the body.

7) Lack of exercise! The body needs at least 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day to maintain balance. Lack of exercise in the long run results in disease, and death. 

8) GMO's causes cancer resulting in death.

9) Harmful chemicals such as fluoride, and carbon monoxide causes disease, and death.

The 9 Keys To Physical Immortality

1) The secret to physical immortality is believing that you're physically immortal. This will program your cells, and will rewrite your genetic code through epigenetics to live forever resulting in longevity. 

2) Raw plant based food, non GMO diet! Raw plants are very nutritious, and replenish the bodies energy, as well as maintaining balance within the body. The most nutritious fruit on the planet is Gogi Berries! A handful of these berries will keep you full for hours! Raw ginseng also provides a healthy amount of energy to the body. Blue, and green algae contain telomeres, which prevents the chromosome in our DNA from shortening resulting in immortality. This not only stops the aging process but it also reverses it back to youth. Reishi Mushrooms also have a mysterious yet powerful effect on the human body, which is currently still being studied causing longevity.

3)  Loving your occupation is boosts your immune system, and emotional energetic vibrational levels  very high resulting in a longer healthier life.

4) Self love, love of others, and love from others is the frequency of 528 Hz, which is known as the miracle tone that naturally heals the body.

5) Meditation, and learning to control your stress levels by being in positive environments, and self control over reactions reduces the risk of diseases, and results in longevity.

6) Letting go of religion, which promises heaven in the world to come, and moving into a spiritual lifestyle creating heaven on earth reprograms the cells, and genes towards longevity through the Nocebo effect, and epigenetics.

7) Exercising regularly for a minimum of 45 minutes a day keeps the blood flowing, muscles healthy, heart strong, lungs powerful, and keeps the organs functioning at their prime resulting in longevity.

8) Staying away from harmful chemicals like fluoride, and carbon monoxide, etc. also increases life span.

9) Moving to a more natural stress free environment with clean air also increases life span.

The combination of all the above steps leads to a physically immortal life! Death being a transmutation of energy from one form to another is a thing of the past.