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How Does Parallel Reality Shifting Work?

Parallel reality shifting is our ability as "I AM" consciousness to shift into any experience we wish to have. Here is how it works. The universe is a mental perception in "I AM" consciousness in the place and time we call HERE and NOW. HERE is everywhere and nowhere, and NOW is timeless, which means all possible HERE'S and all possible NOW'S exist in the same "I AM" consciousness space. This means from where we are right now we have access to any one of these infinite possibilities. "I AM" consciousness is the fabric and structure of existence itself, which means that we have the ability to create shifts within ourselves to shift into any desired experience. The shift happens by "I AM" consciousness expanding it's self awareness, changing it's perception, changing it's emotional vibration to universal unconditional self love, and surrendering to "I AM" consciousness to manifest the shift in our reality. When we do this we are literally changing the fabric and structure of existence itself to our desired parallel reality.

How To Shift Into Your Preferred Parallel Reality?

1) Become conscious of the experience of being aware.

2) Change your perception to your desired reality while letting go of your current one.

3) Change your emotional vibration to universal unconditional self love.

4) Surrender to "I AM" consciousness to manifest the parallel reality shift through your body, heart, and mind NOT by your body, heart, and mind and it shall be so!