What Are Parallel Realities?

In order to understand what parallel realities really are, we need to first understand what time really is. Time is now. The past has past, and is no longer happening now. The only reality of the past is memory, which is a thought. The future is nothing more than a thought projection. The only real time is now. If time is now then that means that all possibilities of time exist here now in the form of infinite parallel realities, which we Awareness have the ability to access through our power of intention, and through surrendering our mental control to our true Self the infinite conscious Awareness that we effortlessly are, that gives life to this body, heart, and mind, and moves the cosmos.

How To Shift Into Your Preferred Parallel Reality?
The REAL Law Of Attraction!

Shifting into your preferred parallel reality is easier than the concept of easy. To shift into your parallel reality simply intend the outcome you desire, and surrender by letting it happen on its own without any effort on your part. This is also known as the law of attraction.