Manifesting Money Magick

Magick is simply manifesting your will through a higher innerstanding of the self, and a higher understanding of the nature of reality. Manifesting money is a piece of cake when you have a magickal lucid living God source perception of reality. First off let's analyze the obvious. How can you have a lack of money if you already are all the money that exists? You can't have a lack of it if you're it right? The reason why people experience lack of money, or lack of anything for that matter is because they believe in lack, and feel lack. Realize that you're truly interconnected, and one with all of existence, and therefore you're all the money, everything, and everyone in reality. The first step is to change your perception from "I have lack of money" to "I have an abundance of money", feel it as if it is so, let go of your attachment to it, and forget about it to send the magickal law of attraction prayer, and you'll begin to attract money to you when you least expect it.

When you shift your feelings, and perception to abundance you begin to increase your vibrational state, start manifesting money out of thin air (Out Of The Unified Vibrational Energy Of The Multiverse), attracting money, and opportunities to make money that match your vibrational state. Keep in mind that reality is mental; it's a vast mind, which is the matrix of all matter. Your external world is liken to a mirror, which reflects to you in your external world, what you perceive, and feel with. Everything within reality is energy vibrating at different speeds. Let's analyze money from a quantum physics perception. Money is vibrating energy. A certain amount of money has a certain type of vibrational energy. This energy of money is interconnected to you, and is therefore, it is a part of you energetically, and vibrationally. The amount of money you currently have is a certain vibrational perception, and feeling; therefore, to increase the amount of money you have you got to increase your vibrational state to the amount of money you want by feeling the assumed feeling as if you already have it. Then you will attract it into your reality. Here we will break down the steps for you so you can begin to attract money now.

Step By Step Manifesting Money Magick LOA

Note - Giving purpose to the money you want to manifest makes the Law Of Attraction prayer way more powerful. So before performing the Law Of Attraction prayer method listed below ask yourself why do you REALY want the money you seek. Is it the money that you want, the feeling associated with the money, or is it something you want to buy with the money. If it is the feeling, or something you wish to buy with the money it is better to just do the Law Of Attraction prayer for that. Make sure the money really is your hearts highest desire; otherwise, it will not manifest. When you have given the money you want a clear purpose begin the Law Of Attraction prayer listed below.

Step 1 - Visualize as much money as you can feel you can have now in the moment. For example: $10,000. 

Note - If you cannot feel having the amount you won't be able to manifest it. To bypass your limiting beliefs, and create the feeling needed to manifest an amount you cannot currently feel use ritual magick.

Step 2 - Focus on the assumed feeling of already having it now.

Step 3 - Make this amount your new perception of how much money you have.

Step 4 - Let the magickal law of attraction prayer go by letting go of your attachment to it, forgetting about it, and keeping yourself busy until it manifests. It will manifest in your reality when you least expect it based on your current belief systems of how you can have it.