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Meditation is in simple terms the art of keeping our attention fully relaxed and fully focused on what is happening right here and now. Meditation is not done through effort, but a relaxation of effort. It takes no effort to be yourself, but it takes a lot of effort to be what you are not, but to see this you must make this self discovery for yourself.

Meditation For Beginners! Meditation 101

Keep your attention on what is and the "I AM" that is aware that you are meditating. If attention moves away out of habit, do not strain to keep your attention focused on what is here, but rather notice how every experience is experienced here now. Realize that you are always present at all times, and this presence is unmoving. Take deep abdominal breaths and with each breath relax a part of your body beginning from your head all the way down to your toes. If thoughts come let them.

Watch your thoughts as if you were watching a stream. Don't give any thought belief, or attention. Simply watch them relaxingly. Do not try to calm your mind because the mind is like water. If you try to calm water by any effort, or force you'll only stir it up more, but if you leave it alone it will calm itself. Let your mind calm itself. YOU the one that is aware is not your mind. You stay here. Mind will go, the feeling of the body will go, but you will not.