What Is Meditation?

Some of you may have heard that meditation is the key. Meditation is a powerful practice, which can reap many results from. Daily meditation for 24 minutes a day (a minute for every hour of the day) brings one to inner peace, clarity, access to the subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious parts of the universal mind because it lets us bypass the conscious thinking mind, which prevents us from accessing deep parts of our psyche. In order to progress up the spiritual path we must become well acquainted with ourselves, and our reality. Meditation is a daily practice, which supplies that key in doing so. Meditation also allows more of the infinite unified vibrating energy of the multiverse flow through us, which helps us stay grounded (balanced), obtain wisdom from the energetic field of the sea of consciousness, and stay empowered. It is also the gateway between the physical world, and the higher spiritual worlds that exist within our consciousness.

How To Meditate!

Meditation simply means being fully aware of the here and now without commentary from mind. Prior to meditating it is highly recommended that you eat lightly, dress in comfortable clothing, and find a place where you will unlikely be disturbed. Once you find yourself a place it is recommended that you make this place your ground for spiritual practices. If you choose to meditate in multiple places that is fine too. Note that meditation can be done sitting, standing, sitting, or even when walking. Meditation is simply getting into a clear state of mind. Deeper states of meditation require us to be still so we can enter the void of our consciousness, and access the deepest aspects of our being. If have a busy schedule, and cannot find 24 minutes to do your meditation then meditate for 5 to 10 minutes if that is all you have to work with. Some meditation is better then non, and you will still reap results. If you decide to do this at night then do so 3 hours before bed time to decrease your chances of falling asleep. As you progress the practice gets easier, and easier so lets begin!

Meditation Practice

1) Sit up straight on a comfortable chair, pillow, floor, or mattress. If you prefer to stand, lay down, or walk slowly that is fine too. Just make sure you are in a straight posture where you back is straight, and aligned. If you're laying down make sure not to get too comfortable so you don't fall asleep. Lay straight on your back. You may keep your leg up, or arm up if that makes you feel more comfortable. If you're sitting on a pillow, or flow it is recommended you sit with your legs crossed. This isn't mandatory. You can sit in any position you like as long as you keep your back straight. A straight back allows your energy to flow properly.

2) Begin breathing in, and out your nose. Take deep abdominal breathes. Focus only on your breathing.

3) Do not judge any thoughts, and sensations that you may be experiencing. As long as you don't judge, or focus upon any thoughts, and, or sensations your mind will gradually calm down into a meditative trance like state. For deeper states of meditation be still so you can go deeper.

4) As you enter a deeper, and deeper trance like state you'll notice your breathing will become softer, and softer until you may not even hear it anymore. You'd now entering a theta state of deep trance, and bliss. If you keep going deeper you will eventually access the superconscious mind. The theta state is also the best state to implant suggestions into the subconscious, which will grow into impressions, and will reprogram your subconscious over the buffer of time.