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Manifesting Money Magick

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could use a cheat code for reality to get money just like in a video game? Well fortunately for us there is, and it is called "LUCID MONEY MAGICK". There are many cheat codes in this reality, and the cheat code is a frequency generated by our heart and mind. So how does lucid money magick work? Let me explain my self observation. Existence is a perception in the mind of "I AM" the presence of consciousness, which means whatever we perceive within "I AM" consciousness is made up of the same substance as "I AM" consciousness.

In other words the universe is inside of you "I AM" consciousness. This self realization is very important because it shows us that we are never actually lacking anything because all apparent things appear within us. The magick begins when we surrender to "I AM" consciousness to manifest the amount of money we want through our body, heart, and mind NOT by our body, heart, and mind.

To make the cheat code frequency strong enough for manifestation we are going to need a "WHY?". You must know the amount of money you want, and know why you want it. The "WHY?" is what will fuel the frequency of manifestation. Make sure you know if it is the money that you want, or if it is something else you want because if it is something else then you should focus on manifesting that outcome instead of money.

During the manifestation process one must not come from a place of lack because lack stems from the person who is the idea we believe ourselves to be whom we feel is lacking, but this is not who we are. We are the conscious presence, which contains the whole universe, and so if we wish to send out the proper truthful frequency we need to come from a place of wholeness.

No amount of effort from your mind can bring this about. This place of wholeness must be discovered as yourself through naked observation of the Self. The Self is never lacking anything. Only the person, or egocentric consciousness perceives lack because he, or she perceives themselves as a separate entity in the universe, and this idea is a fraud.

Once you clearly see yourself for who and what you are the next step can be taken. This next step is a stepless step of surrender. Surrender is not an effort, but a relaxation of effort. It is your mind giving the power back to you "I AM" consciousness its rightful owner who is the one doing all the manifesting behind the scenes. When TRUE SURRENDER happens of itself GRACE begins the manifestation process and what you send it out will be given to you in mysterious ways. For this it is wise to stay open minded about what ways "I AM" consciousness can bring what we want into our experience.

For quicker results do not place any limitations on how the desired outcome shall manifest. Leave that to "I AM" consciousness, which could see what our minds cannot. Keep note that any slither of doubt can ruin the manifestation process. To avoid doubts keep your attention as "I AM" consciousness and focus on what is. The longer you can keep your attention presently focus on what is the better and quicker your results will be.

Lucid Magick Manifesting Money Method

1. Become conscious of the experience of being aware.

2. See clearly that the universe is inside of you "I AM" consciousness.

3. Marinate in this observation until you feel an impersonal sense of wholeness.

4. Focus on an amount of money you want and why you want it.

5. Surrender to "I AM" consciousness to manifest it through your body, heart, and mind NOT by your body, heart, and mind.

6. Do not wait for manifestation to happen, or allow any doubts to come. Do this by keeping your attention on being conscious of the experience of being aware, and by focusing only on what is and it shall manifest through you, and to you in a mysterious way. Stay open minded, clear minded, and have faith in the source of your being!