Magickal Law Of Attraction Incantation Spells

Understanding Spell LOA Incantation Magick

Magickal law of attraction incantation spells are the foundation of all prayer magic. A spell is magick done through speech, visualization, and feelings. It is the ability to speak things into manifestation through the law of attraction by visualizing what you want to manifest, feeling the assumed feeling as if it is already manifested, speaking it as though it is already manifested by charging the prayer with the visualization, and feeling of it already being here now, and forgetting about it to send it off into the YOUniverse. Here we will show you how to use this inner ability in a exercise below.

How To Create Your Own Magickal Spell

Step 1 - Visualize clearly, and vividly whatever it is you want to manifest, and visualize it here now.

Step 2 - Feel the assumed feeling that it already exists now, begin to speak as if it already exists now, and as you speak it into existence charge the words with the feeling of it being already here now.

Step 3 - Release the spell prayer by forgetting about it completely (this includes not telling anyone about it until after it manifests unless they are doing it with you), and it shall manifest when you least expect it in the form of opportunities.

Step 4 - When the opportunity manifests in whatever shape, or form take the necessary action to acquire it. How, and when the opportunity will manifest has entirely to do with your perception.

CAUTION - If you decide to perform a spell on someone make it something positive. We are all interconnected with one another, and what you do to another will come on to you for they are another you, and you're energetically, and vibrationally interconnected with them. Whether you use a spell on a friend, or foe the results will be the same. Bless your friends, and your enemies with infinite unconditional love, forgiveness, and all the positive things this amazing infinite life has to offer as your fellow other selves so that they shall become better, and spiritually awakened.