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Understanding Incantation Spell Magick

Every word we speak with intention and conviction we speak into existence. Words are a powerful way of manifesting what we want. It is not the words themselves that have the power, but the "I AM" consciousness that utters them that holds the TRUE POWER. Words are vibrations of sound and vibration is energy; therefore, incantation spell magick falls under the category of the energy model of magick. Let me introduce you to the lucid magick method of spell casting. ABRACADABRA is a legendary Hebrew word which means "I create what I speak."

How To Create Your Own Magickal Spell

1. Focus on the intention of what you want to manifest and feel it deeply in your heart.

2. Now speak what you want to manifest with faith, universal unconditional self love, and conviction.

3. Surrender to "I AM" consciousness to manifest what you have spoken through your body, heart, and mind NOT by your body, heart, and mind and it will spontaneously manifest itself in a mysterious way.