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Mind Powers Magick For Self-Improvement

 The Mind is our most powerful tool, and yet most of us how no idea how to use it. With the power of our mind we can actually improve ourselves physically without doing any physical practice at all. All it takes is 30 minutes of mind power techniques a day to see major improvements in your everyday life. Here I will share with you a true story so you can see how powerful mind powers is. An interesting study was conducted using 3 groups of people. All three groups were taken to a gym. The first group was told to shoot basketballs into a hoop for 30 minutes a day for one week, the second group was told to shoot hoops only on the first day, and do nothing everyday after, and the third was told to shoot hoops mentally visualizing them getting it in every time. On the first day those conducting the experiment wrote down their results, and for the next week the groups began to do as they were told. When they came back to be tested again the first group showed 25% improvement.

This is no surprise since they have been physically practicing. The second group who did nothing showed no improvement at all, and the third group who shot hoops mentally for a week showed the same amount of improvement as the first group as if they have been practicing physically all along. This is coming to show us that through practicing mind powers everyday we can dramatically improve our results when we go out, and do what we practiced mentally in physical life. So how do we perform Mind Powers Techniques? Well we begin by visualizing ourselves doing what we want to improve at with total mastery in our minds for 30 minutes everyday. If done for a week you will improve by 25%, in a month 100%, and if done for a year you'd improve 1,200% as if you have done the practice physically.

Mind Powers Magick Self-Improvement Exercise

Meditate on something you want to become great at for 30 minutes a day. See, and feel yourself doing it perfectly every time. If you want to build muscles using this exercise then visualize, and feel yourself working out for 30 minutes a day. You'd improve, and get stronger as if you have done physically over the buffer of time.

Teleportation Magick

Teleportation is the ability to move anywhere with our avatar inside our universal consciousness self. Every experience we have is a perception in our mind. The universe is a mental perception in the moving mind of us the still consciousness. The universe is mental; thus, it is possible to move anywhere within our Self because every apparent thing, and apparent place is all here now in this conscious intelligent mind matrix.

How To Create A Teleportation Portal As Consciousness!

Step 1 - Intend on a place you want to be inside the universe inside of you "I AM" consciousness (Mapping Out Destination).

Step 2 - Feel you are already there with 100% conviction (Channeling destination).

Step 3 - Let go of the feeling of the place you're in now (Letting go of current channel).

Step 4 - Surrender now and let consciousness manifest the teleportation through your body, heart, and mind NOT by your body, heart, and mind (Invisible portal opening).

Step 5 - Continue moving in any direction you desire without any effort to make it happen, and you will spontaneously go through a portal without realizing it to your desired destination within the "I AM" Self (Portal teleportation successful).

Telekinesis Magick | Consciousness Over Mind Over Matter!

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with consciousness through the body, heart, mind, and environment. The key is to first realize that there is no separation between us and what we are perceiving, and second is not to try to do so by any effort of the body, heart, and mind, but instead to let consciousness manifest the telekinetic outcome through your body, heart, and mind effortlessly. Simply intend a object to bend, or move with 100% conviction and surrender to yourself the "I AM" consciousness to manifest it through you. Surrender means totally letting go of all effort and giving all your power to the source of who and what we are. When surrender happens the apparent object will bend, or move by the grace of consciousness. When consciousness marries the heart, and mind in a holy trinity you can tell thy mountain "MOVE", and it shall move!

Telepathy The Universal Language Of Feeling Vibrations!

How To Speak Telepathically

Telepathy is the ability to speak through the language of the heart, which is the language of vibes, or vibrations. To listen all one must do is relax and observe one's feelings of the vibrations around him, or her. Do not try to comprehend the vibrations by any effort. Our mind does this automatically. Simply feel out the being you wish to speak with telepathically and all the information will be found in the vibration the other being is emitting from their heart. To speak to another being telepathically feel that the other being whom is ultimately yourself already received your message. The transfer of messages on the telepathic level is virtually instantaneous and effortless. Telepathy can also be used to speak with deceased loved ones.

Levitation Magick

Levitation is the ability to have our body float over the ground. To process is so simple. It is almost too simple to comprehend. To levitate simply focus your "I AM" presence several feet above your head, keep your attention here, intend for the body to levitate with 100% conviction, and surrender fully by letting "I AM" consciousness manifest it through your body, heart, and mind. Surrender is key!