The Power Of Lucidity

What Is The Lucid State?

The Lucid State is the flow state plus knowing thyself. Your limiting beliefs only effect you if you're thinking. If you're not thinking you're limitless. Most people refer to this as "The Flow State", or "The Zone", but the difference between The Flow, or Zone is that "The Lucid State" is being in the limitless state of the NOW, and experiencing yourself as the fundamental reality of universal consciousness. This is a transcendent state you can be in all day outside of sitting meditation. The place where you are standing right now is the key to liberation from suffering, awakening your limitless potential, peace, bliss, tranquility, egoless universal power, effortless manifestation, effortless action, crystal clear clarity, spiritual wisdom, universal awareness, and spiritual fulfillment. There is no journey where you are standing now. The NOW is always present; therefore, you can never lose it. All things, and events occur in the present moment. The NOW has no beginning, nor end. The NOW is eternal.

The Power Of Surrendering To The NOW

Surrendering means to let go completely of your control to the interconnected universe, to let go of past, and future thinking, to be fully engaged, and present in everything you're doing, to accept what is happening now, not the story your mind is telling you about what is happening now, and to go with the flow of nature instead of against it. When you surrender you awaken "The Lucid State", you awaken your limitless potential, you're fully alert, everything you do, and manifest become effortless. It's paradoxical to say this, but the principle is: the more you give it away, the more to comes back to you just like your breath. Let go, trust, enjoy the present, results will come!

3 Easy Steps To Awakening The Lucid State

1) Be present in all that you are doing.

For Example:  If your washing dishes, make each dish a end result in of itself. Right now you're only washing this dish, and nothing else. Be fully with the washing like a dance. Suddenly you'll realize that a simple thing like washing dishes becomes enjoyable, and effortless.

2) If you're stuck in a situation where there is nothing you can do about it, or nothing you can't do about it, let it go, and watch what happens.

For Example: If you're stuck in traffic, and there is no other way for you to get to your destination, you must be there on time, but you can't make it on time, let it go. No amount of stress, or anxiety will solve your problem. Accept the present moment for what it is, and watch what happens. You'll relinquish a lot of unnecessary suffering.

3) If you got nothing to do surrender by non-doing, and non-thinking.

For Example: If you have finished all your work, and errands for the time being, or for the day, give your mind rest by simply being aware of being aware. If thoughts come let them, but give them no attention. The mind will quiet itself, and you will awaken to the peace, bliss, tranquility, limitless potential, universal consciousness, spiritual wisdom, clarity, universal egoless power, effortless action, and effortless manifestation of the present moment.