Interdimensional Travel

Innerstanding Your Interdimensional Self

You're an interdimensional being. The particles of energy that make up our being, and multiverse constantly shift from a particle form into a hazy wave form of limitless possibilities, and pop in, and out of existence. We are constantly popping out of parallel reality into the next every time we shift our perception, feelings, and focus. Since energy acts a wave of limitless possibilities means that all possibilities exist within, and with out us. Ultimately there is no separation between the internal, and external worlds. They both mirror reflect one another. We live in a unified field of vibrational energy of consciousness. What you perceive, feel, and focus on within is what you'll experience with out, and what you experience with out will effect how you perceive, feel, and what you'll focus on within. Both the external, and internal are one, and the same. We exist within our reality, reality exists within our awareness, and reality ultimately is us for we are intimately interconnected with it. Nothing exists outside of us. All is a single consciousness appearing as many. All limitless possibilities exist within us, all around us, and here will show you how to access those infinite, and limitless parallel selves, and infinite, and limitless parallel realities in your apparent external world, and internal world.

Preparation Before Entering The Unknown

Entering the unknown can be a bit scary if one does not understand the self, and how this reality works. The most important thing to remember upon entering into the unknown worlds is remembering that no matter what happens, or what you experience there is nothing to fear for nothing exists outside of you, and you can never cease to exist for you're vibrating energy of consciousness that cannot be relinquished. Any entity you will encounter is either a higher, or lower vibrational projection of yourself. They are you, and you are them. The self experiencing the self subjectively. As you take the first steps into the unknown you will begin to start your massive expansion of infinite growth, at increasingly phenomenal rates. Nothing will ever be the same again. It takes a certain amount of bravery to enter these unknown dimensional states of mind, but as we mentioned before there is nothing to fear. You can walk into these infinite, limitless parallel realities with confidence knowing you are the creator of reality as the God source itself.

Understanding How Higher & Lower Dimensional Planes Function

These interdimensional realities function like a mirror facing another mirror. They're endless parallel realities you can enter. They exist at about an arms length away from your physical body. The higher celestial dimensional planes are 90 degrees to the right of you, and straight below you, and the hellish lower dimensional planes are 90 degrees to the left of you, and straight above you. To go deeper into a dimension move either forward, or backward.

Interdimensional Travel Method

Begin with meditation with your eyes opened, or closed. Once you get into a meditative state feel yourself as "No Thing For I AM ALL THINGS". This will reshape you from physical particle form into a hazy wave form of limitless possibilities. In this state you'll be able to enter these other dimensions. Now to go into these dimensions internally move the etheric you (your light body) in either right, left, up, or down faster then the speed of light by feeling the assumed feeling that have already moved in that direction at that speed. To move the whole physical you feel your entire body shift into any one those directions.

This will program your etheric, or physical vibrational body, and your vibration physical, or etheric body will move. If you are doing this physically you will disappear from this reality, and reappear in another, and at the same time a parallel version of you will reappear in the reality you came from. This is because all infinite, and limitless versions of you are mirrored infinitely higher, or infinitely lower versions of yourself. To the right, and below you are the celestial planes, and to the left, and above you are the hellish planes. To move within these dimensions you have to feel your way around as if you are already where you want to be, and you shall move. To go back to this reality simply focus on being back where you started.

Any entities you will encounter are other versions of you. If you're in the lower hellish dimensions planes, and some scary looking entity approaches you just blow love at it, and it shall dissolve. Fear will only make them more powerful, and you'll put yourself in trouble. If you do not feel confident enough to handle yourself emotionally in the lower planes DO NOT GO THERE! Go to the higher celestial planes where you can meet higher versions of yourself, and higher entities of yourself that can assist you further on your spiritual journey to know thyself, and thy reality. 

Awakening Inner God Self! Merging All Interdimensional Selves Into One!

Perceive, feel, and focus on all infinite, and limitless versions of yourself as one with you by feeling yourself whole, and fully consciously connected with them. Keep focusing on this until you feel a massive shift in the form of an enormous download of information, memories, and experiences from all versions of yourself. This will transform you consciously into the unified God self that you are, and you will experience yourself infinite, and limitless in every way without limitations.