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The Lucid Interdimensional Travel Guide

We are interdimensional beings because all dimensional states of mind appear within us the consciousness "I AM". To travel to other dimensions simply change the way you perceive the world. Since we are living in a mental universe inside of us the consciousness "I AM" presence means that if we change the way we perceive a place, or thing we change the place, or thing.

To go to the higher dimensional states of mind allow your mind to dissolve more and more in the Self. The highest dimension of all isn't a dimension at all. We we always are in the place and time we call here and now is the 0 dimension in which all dimensions are perceived and known. This is the dimension of universal consciousness.

High amounts of observation and thinking about what is, the nature of the Self, and reality leads to higher dimensional states of mind, which ultimately leads to a new experience of what we call "reality". Thoughts of doubt, depression, anger, frustration, and despair leads one to lower dimensional states of mind. The best dimensional state of mind to be in is no-mind. When we tune out our mind and focus on what is we enter the lucid flow state where all the magick takes place.

If you wish to go to higher dimensional states of mind simply be tuned to what is happening now and all your old conditioning will fall away, which will raise your mind to higher and higher and more subtler blissful dimensional states of being. Do not look for bliss. Bliss is a result of old untrue conditioning falling away because bliss is who we are. The only method to achieving this is no-method. Just be as you are here now and keep your attention totally present with what is. Being is effortless. Doing is effort. Be not do. Remember you are a human being, NOT a human thinking, or a human doing. Being is our natural effortless stateless state.