The Lucid Living Experience

Awaken Inner Peace, Tranquility, & Infinite Potential

Letting Go Of Past Pain Remembrances

We all have our share of pains from the past; but if we don't let the pain of the past go we will bring the pain of the past into the present. No one wants to face their inner demons but if we want to heal, be happy, and never have to deal with the pain of the past again we must face them, and clear them so we will never have to deal with ever again. It might seem scary but all it takes is to face it once, let it go, clear the emotional blockage, and set yourself free from it. If you don't heal from the past then there is a high chance you will either end up inflicting the same pain on others, fall into a massive depression, aggression, anger, or all the above.

Be aware that what you're experiencing inside will manifest on the outside. This is why it is so important to clear any negativity, imbalances, and blockages from within so we can feel great within, and experience a great reality with out. Negativity, imbalances, and emotional blockages will show up on the body in the form of sickness, addictions to harmful things, disease, cancer, and it will also show up in the people you're around, and circumstances for you are not separated from the multiverse. You're interconnected with it. You are it. The multiverse is holographic so what you experience within will effect your reality with out. As you heal yourself internally you will experience the healing externally as well in all aspects of your life.

Facing & Healing Your Emotional Inner Demons

So how do we go about facing our inner demons? Meditation is a great place to start. In meditation you can access the deep parts of your subconscious memories, and can replace the negative with the positive. So begin with meditating, go deep deep into your memories, and bring out the pain of the past into your awareness. When you face the pains of the past love them, and thank them for the lessons they have offered you, forgive yourself, or the people have hurt you, thank them, and send them off by letting go of them. Once you have officially let them go you won't have to face them anymore, and you'll be healed from the past. You will feel liberated, and will be able to enjoy the beautiful present that we call the here, and now.

Self-Love Is Love For All

One of the most important parts of this spiritual journey is to learn to truly love yourself, and others. You cannot love another if you do not truly love yourself first. This doesn't mean you have to put up with yourself, but any effort to improve yourself comes first from self-love. Look at all your imperfections, and perfections, and love them. Your imperfections are lessons you are yet to learn, and your perfections are lessons you have mastered. Realize that if you were perfect you would not have decided to come here to the earth plane. You are here to learn more about yourself, and your reality by overcoming your imperfections. You're perfectly imperfect, and that is okay. Your very desire to improve yourself is one of love, and is what will get you through the lessons you are here to learn. This is a beautiful journey of self-awareness, and letting go. Enjoy the journey. You're fantastic, and amazing! You will make it! You just need to love yourself, and believe in yourself, feel you have already made it, and the path will unfold before you towards self-mastery.

Once you have learned to love yourself with all your imperfections, and seeing those imperfections as lessons you will be able to love another with all their imperfections, and you will seek a partner, or friend, which you can help each other progress on your spiritual journey through life. There is a deeper self-love then loving the false perception of an individual you. You're interconnected with all; therefore, making you THE ALL, and so truly loving yourself is loving all infinitely, and unconditionally, but in order to do that you need to learn to love your individual self. Love yourself infinitely, and unconditionally. Know you will improve, have faith in yourself, use the law of attraction to help yourself improve by feeling the assumed feeling that you have already done so, release the law of attraction prayer by letting go of your attachment to it, and it will manifest in your reality in accordance to your beliefs when you least expect it.