Ego Death Awakening

About The Ego & Experiencing An Ego Death

The ego is a very interesting made up idea that has been impressed upon our subconscious for most of us since we were children. The ego is your false sense of self as a separate individual from everything else. As you have learnt about yourself in the spiritual awakening page you are not separate from everything else but you are in fact THE ALL experiencing itself subjectively. By awakening, and remembering our divine connection to who we truly are we can see how the ego itself is a made up belief that we took upon ourselves into believing, and is the reason why we experience ourselves as separate individuals. So what are the benefits of having an ego death? By experiencing an ego death your consciousness awareness expands from lower self to higher self if you will. All minds become consciously one mind, all people, and things become consciously one thing. Your mind becomes the superconscious mind where all knowledge, and things become revealed to you the moment you focus on any question you may have. Remember that by you having an ego is not bad, nor good. It's just a much less expansive, and limiting state.

Unfortunately no one can give you, an ego death experience. Not even this website with all it's content can give you the experience. The experience is something that happens on it's own over the illusionary buffer of time as you begin to mentally, and emotionally detach yourself from the illusion of separateness, and move more towards oneness with all. The experience cannot be forced. It will come to you naturally as you flow through this infinite spiritual journey of expansive self-discovery, self-awakening, and self-awareness. There is a method that can guide you towards this ego death experience, and I will express it below.

Ego Death Mental & Emotional Exercise

We begin by constantly feeling, and seeing ourselves in all things. If you forget to do it at times that is fine. Don't beat yourself over it. Just do it every time you remember the exercise. If you cannot currently feel yourself in all things you are experiencing that is fine. Simply the act of affirming to yourself that you are all things, and people you see in your experience. The affirmation will eventually bring the feeling the more you practice this exercise. The more you feel it the more you become it. The experience will feel like you're dying but do not fear for you are energy of consciousness that cannot be relinquished. You're immortal. The only thing that is dying is the belief of separateness. The moment this belief dies, you will experience rebirth as all things. This will feel very expansive, and you will begin to feel yourself everywhere, and in everyone. The key is not to go back to your old perception when doing this exercise. You can also use the other reprogramming methods on the "Reprogramming Mind" page. Be patient! Do the exercises as often as you can remember them, and the experience will come. Do not become desperate. Let the process flow. It will happen, and most importantly enjoy the journey getting there.