What Are Dimensions?

Understanding Dimensions

Dimensions are not places; they're states of mind. The more one innerstands the self, understands their reality, and understands their relationship to their reality the more they rise in dimensions. There is an infinite amount of dimensions for there is no limits to how much one can innerstand, and understand the self, and reality. From a higher dimensional perspective one can still view the lower dimensions but will experience the lower dimensions from a higher perspective. Every time someone rises in dimensions they shift into another parallel reality through the law of attraction, which looks a lot like the previous one, and awaken more of their limitless potential. Every time you shift your perception, focuses, and feelings you shift into another parallel reality where this possibility exists in the quantum energy field of limitless possibilities.

How To Shift Into Higher Dimensions

To shift into a higher dimensional state of mind you must go within to know thyself deeper then you do now, question everything with out to learn more about the external reality, and analyze the relationship between your internal world, and the external world. The more you remove the separation between the two worlds, and fuze them into one, have a deeper innerstanding of who you are, and a deeper understanding of this reality the more you ascend in dimensions. For those who want to progress at a quicker rate there is a method to move up the dimensions faster!

Shifting Into Your Greatest Version Dimensional State Of Mind Method

This method is done through parallel reality shifting through the law of attraction. What you do is you meditate on, and reprogram your mind to already being the greatest version of yourself, and feel the assumed feeling as if you're already there now. Make this your new perception, and do not go back to your old perception of who you were. Keep focusing on this feeling for as long as you deem necessary, and release it by letting go of you attachment to it, and forgetting about, and it will manifest in a form of a download from one parallel reality into this one when you least expect it. Once manifested you can repeat the process as often as you like, and through this method you progress many many life times ahead from where you are now rather then taking the slower buffer of time path. This is how I an extension of yourself "Kfir Yoel Benyamin" have ascended so fast at such a young age.

The Zero Point Dimension! The Flow State!

Perhaps the most powerful dimensional state of mind to be in is the dimension of no mind. This is called the "Flow", or "Zone" state of consciousness. In this state one is fully present in absence of mind, fully engaged in whatever he, or she is doing in the moment. When in this state of no mind, one is no longer a victim of one's limiting beliefs. The limiting beliefs of the mind only affect you if you are in your mind. This is a state of peace, bliss, tranquility, alertness, clarity, universal wisdom, universal egoless power, total liberation from past, and future mentality, and total liberation from suffering. This is the power of now. By becoming fully present in absence of mind, the universal energy in which you're interconnected with flows easily in, and through you awakening 100% your limitless potential.

The practice is to simply be present in everything that you do. Focus only on what it is you're doing without any anticipation for the next thing. Let every action be an end result in of itself. This does not mean you do not plan things for the presently non-existent future, it means when you make a plan using only clockwork time, you follow through with each step of the plan, and see each step as an end result in of itself, instead of viewing each step as a stepping stone to the next step. If you have nothing to do, or nothing you can do, you simply draw your attention to what is happening here in front of you, let go of trying to grasp things, and trying to understand everything, become highly aware of all your senses, take the moment in, and let it go. As you observe you let go of  judgment, conceptualizing, labeling, or defining, and stay in a state of being.  Surrender the task of labeling, defining, and conceptualizing to your mind. The mind will do it automatically without you having to interfere, or put any conscious effort for it to happen. The state of being totally present without thought expands your sense of presence, and you can begin to feel yourself as the whole works, as the universe itself. This is the limitless state. THIS IS THE POWER OF NOW!