What Are Densities?

Your density is your vibrational state. Everything in this multiverse is of either lower, or higher vibration. If you're in high vibrations that means you feel great, and aligned with your highest desire in that moment, and if you're in low vibrations you feel tired, drained, and imbalanced. Here we will discuss what things brings high vibrational densities states of being, low vibrational states of being, and how to shift from the lower densities into higher ones that feel much better, and spiritually aligned. Increasing your vibrational density also allows you to manifest things faster with the law of attraction. As you may already know the law of attraction is all about your vibrational state. What you feel within is what you will attract with out. Being at low vibrational densities can also result in sickness, disease, and cancer. The sickness, disease, and cancer can be reversed by shifting into a higher vibrational density.

High & Low Vibrational Densities & How To Make The Shift Into Higher

List Of Some Things That Lower Your Vibrational Density:

1) Negative thinking

2) Worrying

3) Stress

4) Stagnation

5) Low vibrational diet (foods that make you feel heavy, and tired after eating them)

6) Over eating

7) Lack of exercise

8) Resentments

9) Grudges

10) Negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, frustration, and aggression

11) Being in a negative environment

12) Alcohol

13) Drugs

14) Cigarettes

15) Fluoride

16) Resistance

17) Unresolved past pain remembrance trauma

18) Lack of sleep

19) Genetically modified foods

20) Processed foods

21) Negative downgrading music with negative lyrics

22) Negative conversations

List Of Some Things That Increase Your Vibrational Density:

1) Positive thinking

2) Positive emotions such as love, compassion, gratitude, thanks giving, and happiness

3) Calmness

4) Relaxation

5) Forgiveness

6) Positive environment

7) Progression

8) High Vibrational Organic Diet (Foods that make you feel light, and good after you eat them)

9) Daily exercise

10) Stretching

11) Good sleeping cycles

12) Compassion

13) Positive uplifting music with positive lyrics

14) Dancing

15) Creativity

16) Meditation

17) Yoga

18) Tai Chi

19) Physical activities

20) Consciousness uplifting conversations

21) Surrounding yourself in nature

22) Laughing

To shift from a lower density into a higher density shift your focus from the negative into something positive that feels better that what you were originally doing.