Understanding Astral Servant Clones

Creating your very own servitor is simple, and easy to do once you have a pretty good understanding of who you are (spiritually awakened), and if you know how this reality works (Natural Law). It is very useful when you're very busy to have one, or many of them to do multiple things at once for you, and bring back the information to you. The clone as well as everything else in the multiverse is a projection manifestation of your infinite consciousness. It can be programmed like a robot to do spiritual, and physical tasks for you like bring you information from different parallel realities, remote viewing, move objects, etc. You can communicate with it via telepathy. As most of you know by now the spiritual worlds, and the physical world all exist in the same place, which is ultimately within you. So here we will show you how to manifest your servitor.

Manifesting & Programming Your Servitor

Step 1 - Visualize a body of spiritual vibrational energy forming right next to you. Use your internal, and external energy to form the spiritual body.

Step 2 - it already exists now. Focus on this feeling until you feel the spiritual body is complete.

Step 3 - Give your servitor a name, a sigil (symbol), and an object to stay in when it is inactive.

Step 4 - Program your servitor by feeling that it has already received your will, and that it has already manifested your task. Program how you wish to call it too. You can give it several tasks. It is best not to limit how they can manifest what you want. Tell them what you want, and keep the how vague. Servitors have no limitations so they can manifest what you want in limitless ways.

Step 5 - Release your servitor to go do your task by letting go of your attachment to it, forgetting about it, going on with your day, and the astral servant clone will manifest the task you gave it in your reality when you least expect it.

Note - Servitors energy source is your love, gratitude, and you occasionally spending a few minutes time with them. You can program them to receive energy from the multiverse as well. It helps to build a good loving relationship with your servitor. It makes them want to perform your will much more when you have a good bond with them. If you no longer need the servitor you can destroy it by feeling it is already destroyed, and it will merge with the collective consciousness. Don't worry it doesn't feel bad to merge with the all.