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The Power Of Chi Gong

Understanding Chi Gong

Chi gong, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Reiki, or Ki Gong (all different names, and terms of harnessing energy) is the spiritual art of harnessing internal, and external energies, and using it in accordance with your will. It is the art using the primary universal language of the body, and multiverse of feelings to move energy, and use it to get your desired outcome.  With it you can heal yourself, heal others, balance out your internal energies, move mountains, become unmovable, increase your physical power, speed, agility, defense, endurance, send, and receive messages, use elemental energy, break through solid objects, and more. Here will describe to you how to develop your ability to use this unified field of electromagnetic vibrating energy of consciousness that you are freely.

The Foundation Of Chi Gong Beginners Guide

1) Grounding Energy Balancing & Replenishing:

Grounding is the basic most essential part of chi gong. It balances out, and replenishes your energy when you're feeling imbalanced, and fatigue.

Grounding Exercise:

Step 1 - Stand straight shoulder width apart, loosen your body up so that there is no tension in your muscles that may prevent energy from flowing, feel energy roots coming out from the soles of your feet into the ground, and energy roots extending out into the sky, and your surroundings from your head, shoulders, chest, stomach, and legs.

Step 2 - Feel energy absorbing into your body, balancing, and replenishing your energy to normal levels.

Step 3 balanced.

2) Feeling Your Internal Energy Of Your Body:

This exercise will help you get acquainted with the feeling of your energy, and will serve as a foundation for you to learn how to move your energy in the next exercise.

Feeling Your Energy Exercise:

Step 1 - Clear your mind from all thoughts, and any other sensations you might be experiencing. Focus on the feeling of the flow of your energy. Feel the ebb, and flow of your energy flowing up, down, and around your body.

Step 2 - Focus on the flow of your energy for as long as you deem necessary. The more you practice the more you'll become adept at feeling your own energy. The feeling of energy usually feels warm, tingly, electrical, or magnetic, or all the above.

3) Feeling & Moving Your External Energy Of The Multiverse:

Once you become acquainted with your energy the next step is feeling, and moving the energy of your surroundings all the way out through the multiverse.

Feeling & Moving Energy Of Your Surroundings Exercise:

Step 1 - Clear your mind from all thoughts, and any other sensations you might be experiencing.

Step 2 - Stand straight in a comfortable position.

Step 3 - Feel your connection with your surroundings, and the multiverse.

Step 4 - Focus on a place where you want this energy to flow as if the energy has already flowed there. Do not force it for that will be counter productive. Simple focus that the energy is already there, and feel it there.

Step 5 - Now move this energy to many places using the same method.

4) Programming Energy:

You're interconnected with the energy around you. The internal, and external are one with all things both living, and non living. All is a single consciousness appearing as many. No separation exists; therefore, the external energy is just as much yours as your internal energy, and because this is so that means the energy is programable.

Programming Energy Exercise:

Step 1 - Feel energy within, and with out.

Step 2 - Feel your energy within, and with out already being what you want it to be whether it is an element or an energetic message you would like to send someone.

Step 3 - To send this energy anywhere you like just feel, and focus upon that it is already there, and that it has already accomplished whatever it is that you wanted it to accomplish. Send it through the person, or object. The energy must penetrate the other auric electromagnetic field to have an effect. The more energy in motion (emotion) behind it the more powerful the energy becomes.