Over The Phone High Performance Spiritual Life Coaching

Kfir Yoel Benyamin says "If you want to experience and awaken your infinite potential in anything, get known and blow up your business, better your dating life and your relationships, build confidence in yourself, get rid of depression and anxiety, or learn how to be in a alpha productive state you need to first know yourself. A lot of us carry all kinds of limiting beliefs about ourselves and about our potential that we received along the way. Information is power, but using the wrong kind of information can make that information have power over us. I'll to guide you step by step on how to:

1) Expand your awareness about yourself, your perception, feelings, and actions.

2) Revolutionize your perception towards success by dissolving your limiting beliefs. 

3) Increase your vibration towards success and financial freedom levels.

4) Inspire you to take massive action so you can make your dreams a reality."

Begin With 2 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Call To Schedule An Appointment.
Step 2 - Send Payment To Cash App Username: $KfirBenyamin.

Notice: Must Be Paid In Full Before Session. No Refunds.

In Person Personal Spiritual Life Coaching

Always wanted to meet me in person? Well now you can! Now you can meet with me in person at a local coffee shop in Brooklyn for a spiritual life coaching session. I cannot wait to meet with you and help guide you out of your current situation and into your band new life. I will guide you to know thyself by showing you the REAL YOU that always silently stays and observes all experiences that come and go, guide you to changing your perception, increasing your hearts vibration, inspire you to become obsessed with achieving and manifesting your dreams, take MASSIVE ACTION to make them a reality, and do what is good for you, and your family.

Price: $180 For Meet Up & First Hour (Non-Negotiable) & $90 For Every Additional Hour.

All Payments Are Made Through PayPal. Contact Kfir For Details (347) 372-7755.

PayPal Email: LucidLivingExperience@Gmail.com

In Person Business Growth Coaching

The Internal Workshop!

I will show you and your employees how to become more self aware, aware of your surroundings, guide you and your employees to change your perception to a wealthy mindset, show you and your staff how to increase and maintain a high positive vibration, and how to take MASSIVE ACTION to make you and your staff dreams become a reality using what I like to call the APVA Method For Success! I will also be showing you how to enter the lucid state, which is a state of being hyper focused on what is happening now while at the same time being fully aware of who and what we really are right here and now without commentary from our mind to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS! I will also further guide you all on how to increase your value be improving yourself, your skills, how you manage your time and money, and your ability to get your customer sold on your products to INCREASE YOUR REVENUE AND INCOME!

The External Workshop!

Here I will guide you what you need to do to get MAXIMUM ATTENTION for your business to attract new customers using tools to improve your business and online presence. I will also guide you in the designing of your business by giving you tips on lighting, feng shui, and color scheme for your business. I will guide you to using the right technology to improve your inventory, marketing and sales for your business as well as save you and your employees more time when doing certain types of tasks. If you have an online business I will further assist you in making the necessary changes to get more traffic on your website. More traffic equals more potential customers, which means higher sales! I will guide you and your staff on how to follow up consistently with customers so you won't lose any more sales, and show you how to deal with excuses and complaints. I will break down the psychology and philosophy of business, sales, and the wealthy mindset you must have to become truly a MASSIVE SUCCESS!

Total Internal External High Performance Business Coaching Package Includes:

Get 4 Hours Personal & Business Of KFIR YOEL BENYAMIN Coaching For You & Your Employees!

Coaching Currently Available In All 48 States Except Hawaii & Alaska!

In Person 4 Hour Price: $1500 (Regardless Of How Many, Or Little Employees You Have)

What You Get: Kfir For 4 Hours For Coaching In Any Area For You & Employees For RESULTS!

Let Me Help You Unleash Your Inner High Performance Massive Result Creating BEAST!

Call Kfir At (347) 372-7755 For Details On Booking Dates & Payment Information.