Awakening & Cleansing The Chakra System

The Seven Inner Chakra Energy Wheels

Notice: The more you go deeper into each chakra the more it awakens. It can awaken without end your very essence is infinite, and without limits. Each chakra corresponds to the 7 of the 9 planets in our solar system that we can see with the naked eye, and the 7 glands of the body.

#1 The Crown Chakra - This chakra is located at the top center of your head, and extends a little further above your head. It is your divine intimate connection to your divine God source spirit self from where the God life force that you are one with from within, and with out comes into the body, energizes it, and gives it life. To awaken this chakra one must undergo an ego death, merge the lower microcosmic self with the vast macrocosmic self by feeling yourself as no thing for you are interconnected with all things. When you successfully feel yourself omnipresent in all things your crown chakra will be full awakened, you will feel the infinite god force energy flowing through you, and will be connected with infinite intelligence.

# 2 The Third Eye Chakra - The third eye chakra is the eye of awareness that neither sleeps, nor slumbers. It is the "I AM" within from, which your consciousness is aware of itself. It is located in the pineal gland right in the center of the brain from, which all our creative thoughts are formed. It is also the imaginative eye that can see through all interdimensional infinite parallel realities of all that already exists in the multiverse. It is also the eye that read telepathically information of other people, and things of the collective self. To awaken the third eye chakra become more in tuned with your imagination, creativity, and expand your awareness by learning new things, and analyzing, understanding, and innerstanding the self, and reality. Also be advised to avoid harmful calcifying chemicals like fluoride. Occasional fasting also helps put the physical body to sleep, cleanses the body of harmful chemicals, and awakens the spirit within. 

#3 The Throat Chakra - The throat chakra is located down the spinal cord by your throat area. It is the chakra, which releases energetic vibrational frequencies in the form of sound. Through this chakra one is able to effect, and communicate with people, and the divine unified matrix of electromagnetic energetic vibrational frequencies. One must chose wisely what he, or she speaks for sounds is vibrations, and it creates what you speak when spoken with energy in motion (emotion).

#4 The Heart Chakra - The heart chakra is located down the spinal cord by the heart center of the microcosmic body. It is the generator of energy, and the projector, and receiver of energy in motion, which we call emotions. It is what sends our thoughts, and perceptions in vibratory motion into the external mirror world, which reflects back to us exactly what vibration we project into it. The highest vibrational form of energy in motion it can produce is infinite unconditional love, and it's lowest is that of fear. To awaken your heart chakra let go of past pain remembrances, forgive yourself, and others, and tune into infinite unconditional love for all of your interconnected self that exists in omnipresence through out the multiverse. A healthy heart is a heart of love.

#5 The Solar Plexus Chakra -  The solar plexus chakra is located underneath your chest, and above your abdominal. It is from here where you pull your energetic vibrational wisdom, your ability to understand things deeply, and where you pull your power to control all aspects of your microcosmic, and macrocosmic self. To awaken this chakra learn to control your desires instead of letting them control you. Become more patient with others, and with yourself in understanding what they, your inner you are explaining to you.

#6 The Sacral Chakra -  This chakra is located by your abdominals in the pit of your stomach aligned your spinal cord. From here your divine sexual creative power is stored. The more sexual energy one has the more creative power they can exert. To fully awaken this potentially depleted chakra use the law of attraction, and deliberate creation by focusing on the assumed feeling that it is already replenished, expect it to manifest instantly, let the vibrational prayer go by forgetting about it. and it will manifest fully replenished when you least expect it.

#7 The Root Chakra - This chakra is located at the base of your spine by your gentials area. It is from this chakra where your trust of your intuition, and others comes from. To awaken this chakra become more trusting of your intuition, and in your trusting of others. Remind yourself that everyone is is a part of you, and that your perception shapes your reality. With that in mind you will be able to trust people a lot easier then from perceiving reality, and others through separateness.

How Chakras Effect You Physically, Diet & Fasting Information

An imbalance within your internal chakras will manifest as an imbalance on your external body in the form of sickness, disease, or cancer. Maintain balance within your chakras, and you'll experience being balanced externally. To heal the body with out you must heal the body within. 

High Vibrational Diet & Exercise

Maintaining a balanced diet, and exercise also helps keep the chakras balanced, and maintained. Exercise regularly for at least 45 minutes a day of stretching, cardiovascular workouts, and eat a high vibrational diet high in fruits, and vegetables. For meat eaters: Keep red meat to a bare minimum for no more then twice a week. Stay away from junk food, fast food, and processed foods. Stay organic! GMO's, and chemicals are harmful to the body. Eat lots of foods rich in antioxidants, and vitamins. Take organic vitamins everyday. Stay away from cigarettes, nicotine, alcohol, and artificially made drugs.  Remember that food is energetic vibrations. We vibrationally become what we eat. Love yourself, and monitor what you put in your body!

Healing The Body & Mind Using The Mental Placebo Effect

Believe, and feel that you're already in a healthy perfect vibrational state both physically, and mentally. Do not go back to your old perception of your old vibrational state. Keep doing this until you feel it, and truly believe it with 100% conviction. Our body listens to our feelings for feelings is the vibrational language of the body, and multiverse. When you feel that you are already healthy you raise your vibration to healthy vibrational levels, and the body begins to heal itself. 


Fasting once, or a few times a month is a great way to cleanse the body of all harmful chemicals, and clear the mind of junk as well. Drink plenty of fluids (mostly fluoride free water). Vegetable juices fast is also good for cleansing, and revitalizing the body, and mind. Fasting awakens more of your ability to have visions through the third eye. Start slow with one day once a month, and slowly increase the amount of days, and times during the month. It is recommended to fast when you're not working so you have time to clear out the mind as well.