Awakening As The Tao

The Tao for lack of a better word, is the creator, container, fabric, and structure of existence itself. It is not a thing, yet it is everything. It reflects, but does not keep. It does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone. It is infinite in every incomprehensible way. It is concealed, yet always present. It cannot die, for it was never born. Humans follow the earth, the earth follows the solar system, the solar system follows the galaxy, the galaxy follows the universe, the universe follows the Tao, and the Tao follows itself. It is older the concept of God. It is the known, and the unknown. The mystery of mysteries. It is deeper then one can ever conceptualize. It is the underlying source that gives life, and creates all things, and it is you. The real Tao cannot be defined, spoken of, or conceptualized for definition is limitation, and the Tao is limitless; however, it can be experienced as one's own deep underlying self. The Tao is universal consciousness, which gives birth to universal heart, universal mind, and the seemingly physical universe, and you're all that. Only you've been pretending you're not.

To awaken the inner Tao within you be fully present, let go of past, and future, let go of labeling, defining, judging, conceptualizing, controlling, understanding, doing, and reside in 100% being. When doing activities be fully engaged in what you are doing. Be fully with it. Perceive yourself, and the world naked of mind. Just see it as it is. Let go of the story of what you think is happening now, all your attachments, possessions, desires, and addictions by going deeper in this state of universal presence, and realize that the separate you that you thought these stories, attachments, possessions, desires, and addictions belonged to doesn't exist because the real you is the universal self. Don't try to do anything, don't try not to do anything. Just be your natural universal Tao self. Love, and give to all, the positive, and the negative for all is thyself looking back at itself from a different perspective. The all is a single consciousness spirit appearing as many, and you're it, and let's not put a label on it.