Ascension Reprogramming

Understanding Spiritual Ascension

The deeper you know yourself, your reality, and the higher you vibrationally feel the more you spiritually ascend closer to your true infinite self on the conscious level. The key to ascension is to go deeper, and deeper into becoming consciously "No Thing Because I AM All Things". The less you associate yourself with the limiting belief of the ego, and the limitations within the ego you will ascend higher, and higher. You are already unconsciously not a thing because you're interconnected with all things both vibrationally, and energetically. The whole point behind ascension is to become more conscious of what we unconsciously already are. The more you ascend the more your limitless potential awakens. You'll gain new spiritual abilities as you move up the scale. It is important not to get too caught up with you new abilities, and keep progressing if you wish to unite consciously with your true infinite self. So we will provide you with a few exercises on how to further, and further ascend up the spiral closer to consciously experiencing yourself as your true self.

Simple Yet Powerful Ascension Exercises

Exercise # 1

Feel You're Already There:

The quickest method to ascend is feeling the assumed feeling as if you are already there, and by repeating this process as often as needed until the feeling of being there becomes the feeling you'll feel in the present without you needing to focus on it. You can keep progressing forward for there is no limit. With every ascension the scale grows. The scale of ascension is infinite.

Exercise #2


This daily meditation will leave an impression upon your subconscious over the buffer of time. Once it does you'll feel it, and become it.

Exercise #3

Conscious Affirmation Of "I AM THAT":

This is an exercise you can do while you're doing your daily routine. While you observe other people, and things say to yourself with feeling "I AM THAT". You may not feel it fully at first but over time through your affirmations you will leave an impression upon your subconscious, then you'll feel it, and become it.